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September 22, 2010


An angler had a shock in the US - when a mystery fish bit him back with distinctly human-looking teeth.


(Thanks to Anil Haji and Siouxie)


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Uncle Lou??????


Holy carp! If there are others, give 'em Prozac before they breed more!


He's gotta cut down on smoking. It's ruining his teeth.


"bit him back"?

An oral sturgeon?

My dentures! Damn PoliGrip.

Definitely not an Asian Carp. You can tell by the eyes.

He was hoping for the fish to bite. And they did.

When it's bite makes you reel
You just hooked a BIG EEL
That's a moray!

*snork @ Siouxie!*
What a haddock.

Great taste, less fillings.

Looks like I just found my Halloween mask.

Obviously doesn't floss...


Didn't they tell him not to fish on Dr. Moreau's island ?

Anybody else picture him sounding like Droopy Dog?

I think I saw that jump out of John Hurt's chest in Alien.

"I just flew in from South America and boy are my fins tired... I'm Pacu, and I hate to brag, but ladies, I am in fact a Colossama macropomum, and it's not just a name, it is an official scientific designation... Someday you can tell your roe stories about me."

haha how 'bout this, horace?

Please, give it some prozac!

He could be related to Mr. Ed.

Ain't no snakehead

And in Spaceballs, too. Thank you.

I had forgotten that.

Monster fish bears teeth
It displays an ugly grin.
A pacu haiku.

New judge on American Idol?

That reminds me. A belated happy birthday to Stephen King.

Yikes! It would seem this is a British species.


oh yeah, i said it.

At least they didn't misidentify it as a piranha this time. Those teeth are designed to eat nuts, not people. They are cute when pet stores sell them at only a few inches long, but you need a 2000 gallon+ tank for adults. That's hard to fit on most side tables.

I can't write Haiku
I lose count of syllables
I guess I'll give up

Where's Sigourney Weaver when we need her?

GAH! And I'm just about to go to bed! Thanks for the nightmare fuel, Dave!

(Also, SNORK at Sandy's song!)

Snorks all round...

E.T.! Didn't your ride show up?

What's for dinner Grandpa?

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