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September 09, 2010


Bad things can happen.

(Thanks to scmommy)


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It's a washing machine. No it's a roto-tiller.

There must be something fascinating about looking at the washing machine destruct for men.


I just hope none of my young sons see this and try to copy it with our washer.

Save the celosia!
Points deducted for damaging a perfectly good garden.

My wife has tried to teach me the art of the washer. I tell her that "cold, gentle cycle" seems to work for me in all cases.
I have tried to teach her cooking, with similar results.
She does the wash, I take care of the kitchen.

That washer will be waiting for him in the afterlife. Ain't it won't be set to 'delicate.'

Cool, now I know how to get out of doing the laundry. I know I got out of having to run the vacum when I got tired of cat hair and decided to vacum the cat. FYI, she did not like that, and neither did the cat.


I want to see part two - when his wife sees the damage.

I bet she knows exactly which laundry detergent gets out bloodstains best.

A cinder block is too predictable. I wanted to see how it handles an iPad.

While PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Appliances) may be shocked, it has to be admitted that this guy's retaining wall now smells springtime fresh.

Annie's right. I also bet she has plenty of extra gloves and bleach. And a shovel. And great friends to help her dig.

yep annie and siouxie. nice try fellas. and pick those towels up off the floor, wouldya?

If she watches CSI:, and the tub on that washing machine isn't too damaged, she might be able to come up with a way to avoid digging.

Hello? Maytag?

Dora, sounds like a job for a sharp machete to me!

Well how ELSE am I supposed to get my cinder blocks clean?

I even set it to Gentle!

I put one little red underthing in with her white underthings, one time, and now my current wife won't allow me to do the laundry.


That's one reason to purchase the extended service contract

But I thought Dave taught men that appliances should be thrown off bridges,buildings,mountains, etc. I'm confused. Is this lad uninformed ?

My sons do the laundry. But only because I refer to the wasther and dryer as "power tools."

That's a great idea, Annie. If his wife reads this and needs some help with the digging let me know. That washing machine looked fairly new.

Who among us men doesn't wash their firewood before use?

Saddle that thing and take it to the nearest bar!

A total waste of the spin cycle. The wife wouldn't mind as much if he would have just let her sit on it ;P

Hello, OnStar...?

Honey, could you wash a load for me while I step out to the store? Oh, and make sure you use the "gentle" cycle!

No, that is not how to make "stonewashed jeans."

Big snork at Annie. I have to wonder if this guy is related to a dope I saw today. The highway patrol had his Ford Taurus pulled over and I think it may have been because he had a washing machine stuck in the trunk of his car. I wish I'd thought to take a picture. I immediately thought of this link. They have to related somehow. I would love to know what the H.P. thought when he saw him go by on the highway.

My dirty socks do the same thing.

As long as it isn't your dirty undies, Layzeeboy.

Just another guy taking housecleaning and laundry for granite.

*Snork* Now, that's entertainment. Hold ma beer and watch this...

"Big snork at Annie. I have to wonder if this guy is related to a dope I saw today. The highway patrol had his Ford Taurus pulled over and I think it may have been because he had a washing machine stuck in the trunk of his car."

When I was a young RCMP officer. I came across a vehicle that had a 6' by 4' by 4' safe sticking out of the trunk...a safe that they had just stolen from a business.

The driver had the gall to ask why I was pulling them over.

I told them that I would give them the answer in 6 to 10 years...

OK, I'm crazy. I really feel sorry for that washing machine.

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