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September 08, 2010


The Orange County Bomb Squad was on scene investigating a suspicious package, which was a toy pony, on Whisper Glen Court in Orlando. Just before noon it was blown up.

(Thanks to bonmot)


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Is athat a pseudonym?

New this Christmas: My Little Suspected Incendiary Device

The favorite toy of the terrorists is the Big Wheel.

I don't think Hasbro could pay for the kind of publicity that they are getting right now. Hopefully they will flip a freebie to whichever kid misplaced their sister's toy.

New Millenium Childrens' Books:

"My Little Pony Goes BOOM!"

"Free Willy Gets Blasted to Heaven"

"Goldilocks does 8 to 10 for B&E"

"The Big Bad Wolf and Urban Development"

"Bob the Builder Uses Cheap Concrete on the Big Dig"

Maybe dad left it there knowing what would happen, that keeps him from buying the little toy saddle, the little toy cowgirl and the little toy clothes (a suit for each day of the week) and the little toy guns and the little toy -----------------

From Hasbro's website -- I think the cat might actually be a terrorist:
Q. How do I make my FURREAL FRIENDS Cat hiss?
To activate the hiss feature, you must hold the tail for several seconds. The sensor is deactivated when the cat is moving or talking. You need to grab the tail when the cat is sitting still, in between moves. Remember the cat has numerous behaviors states i.e.playful, cuddly, irritable and relaxed mode. Just like a real cat, it is unpredictable and shifts between states depending on how it is being played with. It takes more effort to get it angry when in the cuddly mode than when in the irritable mode. Generally you will not know which mode it is in. It is designed this way to provide some variability in the gameplay.

I can see why this creature would be considered scary near a school.

Ha ha! Florida couldn't find a whale to blow up!

This is how unicorns became extinct.

Up to about 20 years ago, I carried a "breakdown" kit in the trunk of my car. It included flares for the event of a problem at night.
Now, there's no way I would be caught by an approaching policeman taking what would look like a stick of dynamite out of my car trunk.
Does dynamite really look like the sticks in the movies?

PETA Jr. is gonna be furious.

(*snork* @ naming a street near a school "Whisper Glen.")

Trojan horse?

"Mommy, what are they doing?"

"The police are blowing up some girl's pony."

"But why? That's horrible."

"I know, but she didn't keep her room clean. It's the law. By the way, is your room clean?"

Was it filled with little toy soldiers and/or match heads? (I think the statute of limitations has expired so I can say that.)

A $350 toy pony!? Gads, you can get a real one for less.... but then you probably shouldn't be blowing it up :-/

... talk about taking all the fun out of it.

New at store this fall! "My Little *BOOM* Pony" For the little girl that "had" everything.

Those terrorist bastards!

best. video. ever.

Kibby - that is correct. $350.00 for a toy pony. BUT...this pony isn't your standard basic toy pony. It's a ROBOT toy pony. And if this were an 80's movie, that pony would have had a ton of other toy robot friends lurking in the bushes somewhere, horrified as what just happened to their friend.

*sees a "Made for TV" movie coming out of this*

I liked the FAQs that included a line about ignoring wires coming out that have not meaning.

I'm surprised that we haven't had a reference to Jack Bauer yet.

Rest in pieces, Butterscotch.

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