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September 27, 2010


Naked woman bread and pig cake at Experimental Food Society 'spectacular'

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Give us this day our daily ..... um, trade you for some Skittles.

That would have the makings (so to speak) of a pretty good concert:

Experimental Food Society
Pig Cake
Naked Woman Bread

By coincidence, we saw The Cookies at a doo-wop concert Saturday night. They'd have fit right in.

Whole naked woman bread? Just the muffin would have sufficed.

'They're real & they're spectacular'?

So Ms. Baker is the bread winner.

... and cake designer Michelle Wibowo is bringing home the bacon

*waits for siouxie's reaction to pig cake...*

When yeast goes untreated.

sandy, that pig cake reminds me of a typical Noche Buena pig roast here in Mijammi. YUMMO!!!

aww, c'mon, siouxie: EDGAR??????!!

That pig is creepy.
Everything my wife cooks is an experiment; some turn out and some are "other".
This is why I'm the regular cook.
(95% of her dishes involve scrambled eggs in whole or in part. She says you can't really mess up scrambled eggs).

oh man..I'm slackin', sandy!!

*Dave will surely fire me now!!*

sheesh, siouxie, & on a monday, of all days!

You're the uppercrust of the blog: You knead to rise to the occasion! Any way you slice it: You're loafin'!


Guess I'm toast!

*apologizes for rant*

*butters up siouxie with a large slice of edgar*

Sharon Baker could never work for Victoria's Secret.

If Ms. Baker put her own bun in an oven, does that make it an immaculate confection?

So is it bad form to ask the chef who molded herself into a loaf if you can have a slice with the crust cut off?

Scrump-dilly-umptious. Some parts are good eatin'.


How come her head is so tiny and her boob is so large?

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