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September 29, 2010


Giant beaver inspires new Loveland brewery's name

(Thanks to sandy)


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I, too, have been inspired by the sight of a wet beaver rising out of the water.

Key Quote:

'...on his honeymoon, Peter Villeneuve saw what he thought was a Labrador rooting through the river; - until it stood up on its hind legs and Villeneuve realized it was a giant beaver.'


Is "rented a growler" a euphemism for something?

The Big Beaver has a yeast affection.

A Labrador? I saw one the size of a St. Bernard on shore in the Yukon Territory. The record is supposedly 110 pounds, but it's hard to get them to stand on the scales.

And perhaps somewhere in Florida....

Based on the names of the individual styles, you'd think some might taste like pi$$.

Big Beaver in Loveland? Smells a little fishy to me.

A small beaver..

I own some vacant farmland in Quebec. I have not seen him yet, but the beaver on my property can fell three trees, each with a diameter of a foot and a half, overnight.

He is apparentely determined to turn my property into a lake.

So what's wrong with combining 2 of man's favourite things, beer and big beavers?

The Big Beaver should give you a good head.


So much to say ... so little space.

Beavers ... Lovelace ... err ... Loveland ... Gads! Thought they said he had 7 beavers on tap!

I'd love to tap a Big Beaver.

Big Beaver for when you are having more having one...with your taco.

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