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September 28, 2010


Cosmetic surgeons may be worrying about ­business dropping due to the recession, but one Miami-based surgeon is actually pinning his hopes on the market ‘bottoming’ out.

His name is Constantino Mendieta and he’s the inventor of the Miami Thong Lift, the latest way to a shapelier rear view, which was presented this week at the conference of British Aesthetic and Plastic surgeons (BAAPS) in London.

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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photos were disappointing... :(

Here's the version I sent.

Judging by his website, Mendieta definitely has a style: Big and round.


Here's a link to the doc's website.

And no, Miami Thong Lift is not a wrestling hold.

(wiping sweat from forehead) thanks jeff. next round's on me.

I would be happy to donate some fat to a thin woman who wants this procedure, once they solve the rejection problems.

Rejection of old fat guys by thin young women, that is.

What will they do a year from now, when the Fashionistas declare that slim and trim butts are back in style? Oh .. of course, silly me .... they will offer exciting new techniques for achieving the new ideal. *smacks forehead*

Suck it out with a garden hose, probably.

Miami hits bottom.

i'd hit that.

from the 'Vampire Face-lift' story:

"It's like a tire. You're inflating the tire back to normal.
You're not overinflating it".

*wonders what 'over-inflation' would do to your butt -
French translation, please?*

éruption d'âne

Key quote: "The scars are hidden in the area that the thong covers, hence the name."

Uh, those must be really tiny scars if it's the kind of thong I'm thinking of.

Either that or it's a really ground-breaking procedure where they do it through your feet.

I'd be happy to donate some of my Cuban butt to any buttless woman out there.

Isn't that called a wedgie most places?

Just really need a prosthetic ass. Change the shape every day.

I particularly liked the doctor's site and its featured patients section.

Like a lot of doctors, he moved to Florida from New York.

Competition, eh? We shall... see about that.

*turns cold showers on for blog guys* I think men would benefit from this also. For some reason as men get older they seem to lose their butts. Many migrate to the other side of their bodies.

I thought the Miami thong lift was the new ride at Universal Studios.

Why have surgery when you can get these ?

Then again, the blog's policy prohibits us from
endorsing this.

Meh. I'm a breast man.

Does this guy give out business cards that say, "Our Business is Sagging"?

♫ I like big butts and I don't know why...♫

Yes, OC, one of the funniest videos ever - Baby Got Back

Whine, women and thong.

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