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September 07, 2010


A fire at a Beaverton strip club closed Canyon Road at 100th avenue Monday evening.

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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Was it hit by lightning? Or did excessive friction cause a spark?

So many jokes, so little time. Take it away, MTB!

Fire in the hole?

*snork* @ siouxie!

Beaverton snatches should not play with matches

Pole friction?

"Beaverton"? Heh-heh!

Ever notice if you say "Oregon" real fast it sounds like "organ"?...

Oh, no - the chocolates melted and they look like....wait a second, those ain't chocolates.

Siouxie, ju gots some 'splainin' to do.

Cum to Pussycats -- where the girls are SMOKIN' hot!

The Pussycat was hot last night.

I'm trying to remember the exact jingle, but I think Beaverton used to be the home of the Canyon Road Auto Strip with just about every dealer represented.

I was going to agree with bonmot but I've already agreed with him 3 times today and I'm worried. I think I even gave him a 'Bravo'. I may need to go lay down for a while.

Pussycat burning? There's a cream for that...

NOTE FROM THE MANAGEMENT: This comment was originally posted under somebody else's nickname. Please do not do that. Thanks.

Nursecindy's day had been dull;
the blog had dropped into a lull.
To perk her day up,
she went seeking a schtup.
For bonmot she got horizontal!


rut roh

I just emailed the blog to clear this up
Someone should be shot.

the one & ONLY trustf8

tf8 - there was some idiot a while back that loved to impersonate me and say the stupidest things. Luckily, my fellow bloglits knew me well enough to know it wasn't ME.

thank you siouxie - i've written some crazy things but NEVER malicious - MTB knows who i am, & i'm hoping judi/dave can reveal the imposter - i've got nothing to hide.

although i have been known to post the odd verse, i would like to categorically state that above yon limerick is not mine, 'horizontal' is a horrible rhyme and there are too many syllables in line 2.


the blogger did not think things through
besmirching nursecindy's virtue
he tried to impersonate
that ever-so-trusting eight
and now he must dine on his shoe

I didn't write it either. Just in case anyone was wondering. Maybe I should clarify that I mean I needed to lay down alone after taking a Tylenol. I mean I agreed with and praised bonmot 3 times today!

Good one, trustf8!

rut roh

*SMACKS* bonmot!!!

late to the party again! that dave, fixing everything before i get back to the computer! (yes, he lets me eat lunch on occasion.)

Let me make this perfectly clear. I did not get horizontal with that lawyer. (since we're talking about willy's on the other threads)

Hey, bloglits. Looks like I missed some ill-advised, un-fun shenanigans. I can't tell now what really was posted by whom, but it's ALWAYS a poor choice to hide behind another blogger's name. I've seen it happen several times, and it inevitably leads to bad feelings, which is not what we're about here.

We don't need lectures on how to behave here. We got it the first time!


Whoa. I was staying right near there this last weekend. To be clear, not there, but near there. I was however right next door to the fire department. I came outta the bed in a panic a couple times during the night when they fired up sirens.

We now return you to your normally scheduled blogging.

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