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September 21, 2010


...we cannot link to this fascinating story about a plan by British intelligence services in the First World War to use semen as invisible ink.

(Thanks to bonmot and Layzeeboy)


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Puts a whole new meaning on the terms "fountain pen" and "ballpoint."

... and company inkwell.

Oh, now I see, "fountain pen" or "ballpoint". I was thinking it was like writing your name in the snow. That would have been exhausting.

Can you imagine the job description?

"International operator wanted for extended overseas mission, but still with plenty of time to jack off."

Are the guys who worked for Cumming called C-men?

What a bunch of wankers

Agent swallows note after reading. Exults - God save the queen!

Makes the usual "read this, then swallow the message for security purposes" rather unpleasant.

"...Mansfield Cumming, the first chief (or C) of the SIS..." and the poor staffer who was moved after becoming the "...butt of jokes".

Let your imagination be your guide.

OC - I swear did not see your post before sending mine, but *snork* - "God save the Queen" indeed!

Don't you just love a story with a happy ending?

I could write something here about men and women but I'm a good girl so I won't.

Go for it, nc!

Would you need a woman for the period?

Premature exclamation at "Mansfield Cumming."

"You will address me as MAJOR Cumming, is that understood, Private Beavis?"

I agree Emmett; I think that guy got the shaft.

We must launch the secret operation at once! That last report really brought matters to a head.

It's always better when books are published on Tuesday.

Lili Von Shtupp was gifted in deciphering these for the Germans.

Using British goo? Better use shorthand.

At spying the Brits were a whiz.
The invisible ink stuff, that is.
Spies at MI6
were great with their dicks,
and wrote messages with their jizz.

It must be said that plenty of Playboy mags must be full of secret messages.

bon, one of us has too much time on his hands, which could be better put to use producing secret spy ink than writing naughty limericks. Unless you can do both at once, in which case we forgive your shaky handwriting.

Perhaps bonmot was James Bond's right hand man. NTTAWWT

pad, they have something on their hands, but I really don't think it's thyme....

...until, of course, he was discharged.

The Brits were great at laying espionage traps.

Some called them master baiters.

nd diversion.
mEt undR bridG @ midnite.
yr contct wl B ....

*waits ten minutes*

....holdN b%k b l/h.

Spy: Excuse me while I pound this note out...

10 mins?? We're gonna need more Playboy mags, Nsherl!

Send ammunition.
Am shooting blanks.

Her Majesty's Secretion Service

Shaken AND stirred...

*snorks* @ siouxie & notsherley & awbh's blog floggin'...

The medium is the message.
- Marshall McLuhan

...I think I saw this somewhere. Didn't Cummings have a Royal Navy signalman as his assistant?

Seaman Staines, I think his name was. Seaman Richard Staines...

Seaman Recruit, Seaman Apprentice, and then finally Seaman. Afterwards the petty officers.

I sort of don't want to know how you would read the secret note, why the bad guys couldn't read it.....

The massage is the movie.
-- Pee Wee Herman

Meanie...The medium??? I thought they were all at least large.

Are you a secret agent or are you just happy to see me.

What if you had to write a lengthy note? "Gather round boys, your queen needs you to make a donation."
I guess it would go without saying that you would wad the note up before you sent it.

Would fresh ink have a tendency to wiggle off the page?

"I say, I need more 'ink' for my 'pen'."

And, BWAHAHAHAH to everyone--funniest comments ever!!!

Many days I travelled
a hundred miles or more
but a dick that could
fake signatures
I've never seen before

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