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September 27, 2010


You have arrived at your destination.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Could of been worse. He could have been on a Segway.

(limping along on failing computer so can't post link. Check the news.)

That must have been a situation that made the driver's gut clench.
I once saw a small truck hauling a large RV up a winding, narrow, steep hill in Eastern Kentucky. The driver had gotten halfway up. The truck could not pull any more.
He was stuck there in the days before cell phones. He couldn't go forward and it is doubtful his brakes would hold him for long.
I wonder if he got out by helicopter?

Or if he's still there....

I'm wondering if his GPS has a setting that distinguishes between traveling on foot versus by car?

My GPS was showing the time to complete about a 10 mile trip as 1 hour. I wondered why it would take so long until I realized that the setting was for walking, not driving. When I changed the setting, the time changed to about 15 minutes.

No goat trails (or entrails) involved.

Glorified Goat Track WBAGNFAchristianRB

Goats now have their own tracks? You're kidding, right?

Fivver's reference is to Segway founder takes a wrong turn this story.

Nice segue.

It was a segue into the afterlife.

Maybe he should have changed the GPS language setting from Swedish Herdsman.


I hope he was billed for the helicopter, which costs thousands of Swiss francs/dollars. In the U.S., if you take a motorized vehicle on a footpath in a National Park, you may be required to walk out, and have the vehicle packed out in pieces by horseback -- or by goat.

just wait until the GPS can DRIVE you there...

it is coming!


"Making roads out of nothing at all.."--Air Supply

Glorified Goat Tracks WBAGNFAR(C&W?)B

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