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September 26, 2010


Police in Winter Park said a man dressed as Elmo was attacked at a local music store on Saturday afternoon by a man who believed the Sesame Street character was a threat to him.

(Thanks to Sharon and Chuck Cody)


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la la la-la
la la la-la
elmo's mad!!!

"Elmo got the best of the guy," Farrell said. "He broke two of his fingers."
Elmo is badass.

the attacker is just jealous
of Elmo.

Meanwhile, Barney was beaten to a pulp and no one raised an eyebrow.

Elmo is intimidating. Ever notice how he never blinks? Best poker face I've ever seen.

Elmo is a threat to everyone.

never did trust Elmo ...

It's that insane laugh when he's tickled.
And Barney should be barbecued because he's about to burst into flame anytime now.

Broke two fingers? Seems that he was right to see Elmo as a threat.

This isn't surprising. I've heard that Elmo can be dangerous.

At least Elmo isn't Barney.

Florida, right?

I love the way Sesame Street teaches kids!

Be a bully!

Make a peanut butter sandwich with the peanut goo on
the outside!

Take Goldfish (aka Dorothy) for a walk!

Mr. Noodle and Mr. Noodle: Gay marriage!

Isn't life grand?

buy the way, about my previous comment: NTTAWWT.

Some of my best friends are gay or goldfish. One may be both.

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