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September 25, 2010


The Star Trek pizza cutter.

(Thanks to Suzie W. Wacvet)


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No! Anchovies! Mr.! Scott!

I. Want. One.

*Guaranteed not to let cheese klingon wheel

You can buy them here:

Sadly, they don't carry Star Trek perfume anymore.

Captain; pineapple on a pizza is not a logical topping.

There are many fine Trekkies on this blog (Judi) so I will refrain from making a comment.

I'm a doctor, Jim. Not a pizza delivery guy!

Captain! I've got to have more pepperoni!

"Slow it down to warp 1 will ya, you're makin' a mess."

Anchovies? They're dead, Jim!

Proving even guys who live in their moms basements have to eat.

The perfect accompaniment.

For redshirts only.

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