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September 27, 2010


Now they're using mayonnaise.

(Thanks to catmanmax)


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Those with injuries were taken to the Mayo Clinic.

I saw Tragic Mayonnaise open for the String Cheese Incident.

*snork* @MOTW!

Drivers were heard saying: "What the HeLL,man??
"世界的に話すなら HeLL,man?"

Guin, I was going to say that I saw Mayonnaise Spill open for Hendrix.

The driver at fault was subjected to a severe dressing down.

but where was kikkoman during all this?

Eggcellent, Guin!

Insom...I haven't clicked on your link yet, but I bet you've resurrected one of my all-time fave Dave artifacts.

Bless you!

Wasn't this the plot of a Speed Racer episode?

This is exactly why I switched to Miracle Whip.

They're going to need a bigger bun.

Has someone notified Homeland Security about this potential terroristic threat?

I bet they had to use the jaws of life to separate those cars sandwiched together.

Mayo clogs main artery.

Anybody ever notice how McDonald's excuse for mayo resembles white lithium grease?



It may look like lithease but it don't work as well.

Not that I've ever tried it mind you.

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