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September 07, 2010


A STUNNED mum nearly choked on her favourite chocs - after she found one shaped like a WILLY.

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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Get your Free Willy right here!

Spit or swallow, sweetheart, & STFU!

At least it wasn't Jesus...

Key apology understatement: Last night a Cadbury's spokesman said: "It appears some of the Nibbles have melted.

A 38-year-old with a 2½-year-old grandson?

"It appears some of the Nibbles have melted."

Yea ... get that comment all the time.

oneblank: that was my first thought as well.

"It is vile - the level of detail is disgusting and I felt sick."

Lady, take that stick out of your butt and get over it.

Sheesh, lighten up! It's a candy bar.

I doubt a child that young would've realized what it looks like anyway, and would've just eaten the candy.

Sounds like someone is paranoid. I suppose the potatoes will be out to get her next.

By george Willy's wonka. LOL

Warning: Contains nuts.

She also said she was changing the spelling of her name to "Alyzabeth".

New advertising slogan: If your Nibbles have melted, it's time to try Viagra!

Next, this woman will start receiving unsolicited "chocolate bar enlargement" ads through her email. What she got would have been more appropriate to white chocolate.

Someone please give her a lollipop.

Bill Clinton said to Ms. Lewinsky,
"If you don't want to get caught like Kaczynski,
take the hem of your dress,
and clean up that mess.
And make sure you wipe off your chinski."

Maybe if I was a grandma at 35 I wouldn't want to see another willy either.

♫ You are always on my mind... ♪
You are always on my mind. ♫

I guess she's never had one dipped in choco...um..I mean..I'm SHOCKED!!

She was so embarrassed by the chocolate that she had her picture taken with it in her hand? She should sell it on Ebay.

Some of these comments are not in good taste.

It's like egg whites in seawater.

"Melts in your mouth, or in your hand."

When the night shift goes bad.

Who can take a willy
Clean it up like new
Cover it in chocolate
and a sprinkle or two?

The candyman
The candyman can
The candyman can cause he covers it all over and makes it all taste good

Who can take his manhood
Wrap it is a sigh
Soak it in some cocoa
and drape it across your thigh?

The candyman?

The candyman
The candyman can
The candyman can cause he covers it all over and makes it all taste good

Yay for the dandy candy song.
*waves at Hammie!!*

*WAVES* chocolate covered hand @ Hammie!!!

*Waves @ Annie!!!*

*Waves @ Siouxie!!!*
(You have chocolate on your chin)

Bravo Hammie!

*Licks chin*

Thanks, Hammie ;P


Mmmmmmmm . . . Keely . . .

She nearly chocked on a 3 inch choclate bar?

It's not how long it is, bb -
It's how long it stays in your mouth.

My dad is Scottish and I completely understand where this woman is coming from having grown up with a bunch of angry Scots. They love to argue. At least my clan does. My dad once became infuriated at an ice cream company because there were not enough pecans in his butter pecan ice cream. He wrote them a letter over it. He received a coupon for two free cartons because of his letter. He won the argument and got free ice cream! For a Scot that's heaven! Thankfully my mom is Irish so I get mad but I really don't care as much.

How many of us noticed that this was from mid-June before reading the remark in the tomato (not tomatoe) article?

Here in the Bible Belt we think it looks like You Know Who

"I can take a joke but any child could have found this. It is vile - the level of detail is disgusting and I felt sick.

So she likes her willies abstract?

Since she felt sick, how many bags of caramel Nibbles did she eat BEFORE the offending piece?

She is convinced that the three-inch treat was deliberately fashioned by workers.

Was she irate because it was ONLY three inches? Maybe she is a (ahem) a size queen....

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