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September 23, 2010


For cleavage.

Key Comment: "Elmo is naked. Completely naked."

(Thanks to Joe in Japan)


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Mr. Mom ain't complaining.

Shoots whipped cream out of her bra? I have got to update. In time for Punkin pie season.

Elmo isn't complaining, either...

Come on, people. First of all, is there really such a thing as "inappropriate cleavage"?

And if there is, Katy Perry hardly (ahem) measures up to the definition. Now maybe this is inappropriate cleavage.

Many kids watching Sesame Street should still be breast feeding or recently weaned.

Elmo really doesn't care.

breasts are evil... that's why i like them... bwuhahahahaha! (i'm a conservative too, you may have guessed.)bwuhahahahaha!!

Jeff, you really know your 'inappropriate'.

'oooooo! I'll do it!

(and i promise i won't wear this)

i can teach the kids about bunnys, chewing gum & sparkly purses-that-aren't-mine'

- paris

My kids know what boobies are.....explaining "skank" is another thing.


I was born way too early.

I know: i can teach the boys & girls haikew!

'C is for Cookie
and also never for cocaine...ew
That is not my purse'


Many parents complained?? I'm thinking it was mostly moms who complained. They could just photoshop a dickie in to hide her cleavage.

Please tell me the number of the day wasn't "2".

Craig Ferguson -- truer words were never spoken -- "Who doesn't love cleavage?!"

Heh. Heh heh. Heh heh heh heh.

Nursecindy wrote "dickie".

Heh heh heh.

They should refuse to show it because it's a hideous dress, not because it's revealing.

Miss Piggy has worn worse outfits.

"Elmo wasn't wearing anything at all."

Years ago, while reading an Elmo book called "Elmo Sleeps Over" (or something like that) to my sons, I noticed that, in the pictures, he was playing all day with his girl friend and he wasn't wearing anything at all. But when he went to bed at her house, he had pajamas on.
We're teaching them to do things backwards.

It wasn't that bad. It wasn't nearly this bad.

So what would be the follow up to Katy Perry's appearance with Elmo on Sesame Street? Elmo singing a cover of Perry's "I Kissed a Girl (And I Liked It)?"

Wow. As if I didn't already have an annoying earworm left over from the "Worst Car Song" thread...

Mot beat me to it. I'm guessing no one thought anything about it till a bunch of the kids watching started asking for a glass of milk. Warm. With a straw.

Lets make some noise for Inappropriate Cleavage, I know I would go see a band with that name.

So that's why there's an Elmo up in the corner by the Youtube logo on their site.

Nobody else is complaining that when Elmo is running around, his head is lower than her hemline?

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