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September 26, 2010


Hi Dave,
Thought you would appreciate this sign we found posted at Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport in Nelspruit, South Africa.
It seemed like an effective use of elected officials until an anarchistic graffiti artist ruined it for everyone.
John Caden


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"It is forbidden to read this comment."

The "Ray Adverb" placement is excellent.

"Quality bloggers may only post below."

I don't know if I would trust them to only operate elevator doors. That task requires some intelligence. Maybe they should just sit quietly in the corner.

In Sovyetsk D.C. tools operate you.

The Adverb of Placement Importance:

Only these officials may operate goverment doors.

*flings "n" at Meanie's 'government'*
Only Czechs may cast spellchecks.

Government officials can read ?

Yes, but only Poles can do poledances.

(No, I don't know what that means either).

It doesn't say that they CAN operate the doors, only that the may.

Hey give us a break, we have 11 official languages, ISIANMTU,Government officials battle to keep up with all of them

*adds an L in front of graffiti*

(tee hee!)

"Official government door operators only."

*strikes out 'r' in 'order.'*

*changes 'd' in doors to an 'h' - snorks!!*

(*cant spel*)

*Wishes US Government Officials would ONLY operate doors*

oh, what-the-hell:

*changes 'p' in Primkop into a 'k'*


They only operate doors in May?

I'm a retired government official. We had three basic personality types in the government. Those who really wanted to help people do things right, those who just wanted to make people do things, and those who didn't care if anyone did anything right.
I'd like to believe that most of us wanted to help people. But when you got a governmental authority type in a supervisory position, he or she (mostly male) could mess everyone involved over and sit there and laugh.
You can tell the difference instantly by asking an official to do something.
The Authority asks, "Can we do this? (do we have the Authority?)"
The Helper asks, "If we should do this, which way is best?"
The last type says, "Hunh?"

Obviously a (public-sector) union shop.

If only.

Government officials:

I'm thinkin' we should douse 'em in white paint an' taze 'em.

Then hold the door open for them.

wyo: that reminds me of pee-wee in the biker bar...

Three decades ago, I landed in the Taipei Airport at 3am, after a horrible 900 hour flight from Idunnowhereistan. There were no humans anywhere. Just a note that had been hand-written by a non-Engrish speaker, which was IMPORTSNT! and could have been interpreted at least a dozen ways. I was not detained and didn't die so I must have operated the correct door.

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