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September 27, 2010


A mystery over who dyed a cat bright pink has been solved after the pet's owner admitted she dyed the animal to match her own hair.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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how the flip is it the government's business what color a cat is? and why did they "wash" it? they ought to slap themselves with an asbo.

A cat that has been dyed, then washed? My late Siamese, Jasmine, would have skinned all involved. Then, she would have washed herself. She always took a bath after wet work.
She died four years ago. She is still remembered at the Vet's office as "Psycho Cat".

She dyed her p*ssy?

Leave it to Siouxie to get to the nub (so to speak).

Souxie, had to, so the carpet, drapes and cat would match.

'The man who found Oi! Kitty was initially told to "sleep it off" when he told his wife that a pink cat had flown into their garden after returning from the pub'.

pink: YES!!!


...um, no

Well the kitty looks happy about everything.

Who doesn't love pink pussies?

Ingredients for a Pink Pussycat
Pineapple Juice
Cherry Brandy
Quantities for one drink:
2 oz Gin
4 oz Pineapple Juice
1 tsp Cherry Brandy
Blending Instructions:
In an old-fashioned glass almost filled with ice cubes, combine the gin and pineapple juice
Stir well
Drop the cherry brandy into the center of the drink


So, how did they know the cat was "returning from the pub"?

Obviously it didn't hurt the cat so what's the problem? I agree with mudstuffin. They should slap themselves with an asbo.

Imagine my disappointment when I viewed the Suns version.


Still don't know how to do linky thingy

Lookit nursecindy, slingin' the British slang.

Is our nurses larnin'? I'd say so.

I thought a pink puss was a Cockney tradition.

Oh, and nobody show this story to Weingarten -- he'll go off on another one of his rants:
RSPCA officers suspected yobs had died the cat pink . . . Not "dyed", unless that's another British euphamism.

Here you go, Dan.

And here is your basic "how to link" instruction guide.

Pink. It's the color of passion.

If it runs across your path do you get 7 years of getting lucky?

Sorry, torturing an animal isn't funny.

Dying a cat is not torture; giving it a bath may be.

The cat is screaming "HELP!! Get me away from this inhuman!!!"

I guess, however, it's better than pink eye(s).

Is this what happened to the Pink Panther?

Maybe Pink (the singer) will adopt her as mascot.

Gives a new, twisted meaning to "in the pink".

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