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September 28, 2010


Squirrel blamed for massive blast that destroyed a home and injured several firefighters

(Thanks to funny man)


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I wonder if squirrels have something similar in their communication to "Hey, hold my beer while I try this"

♪ You're gonna lose that squirrel.
(yes, yes, You're gonna lose that squirrel)
You're gonna looooose that squirrel.....

You see, you see. This is what happens to those who listens to Country music!-)

nix the excess s

mud, you fed him beans, didn't you??

Shoddy journalism - did the poor squirrel survive?

Am I the only one who thinks that burying electrical lines right on top of gas lines is a bad idea?

No, but the squirrel's mother did.

I also wondered if the squirrel was okay.

omg, c'mon:

'She's just a squirrel - she's a bomb!
She's just a squirrel - she's a BOMB!

♪ Just a squirrel, just a squiiirrrel'

Guin -- what could possibly go wrong?

no, but i was gonna say - at last some one else got blamed for a "massive blast"...

Big squirrels
Don't fry ♪

(sandy Who?)

Oh, sure, blame the squirrel. That's what everyone does.



Tropical Storm Nicole is headed your way, Siouxie!


I know, bon! I just went to Publix here in Coral Gables and the panic has started!! Bring it on. I have bleach. And wine!

*huge eyeroll*

*tosses Siouxie's furniture in pool*
Woohoo, where's my drink?

That's only for outdoor furniture, Annie. Look what you did to her poor sofa.

*dives in after blender*

Really, Annie - you need to LOOK before you toss!

Somehow I don't think the construction was quite up to current code.

But on the plus side the firefighters were already there. How lucky was that?

Somehow, the squirrel got hold of Jack Bauer's PDA with the schematics.

I know what we need. I'll bet this guy's name is Jack Meow-er:

hey less tomfoolery and more hunkering!

ugh..spam = topical depression. :^(

And if we're expected to hunker, someone must supply the hunks with which to hunker.

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