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September 23, 2010


The red flags included $60,020 in bills for 85 hemorrhoidectomies Sachakov claimed he had performed on one unfortunate patient in 20 months.

(Thanks to queensbee)


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Maybe he can do Heidi's breast reduction next.

Sachakov? Shouldn't he be a urologist instead of a proctologist?

the story got lots of traction in the nyc media today. snicker, snicker.

i should have said that this dr. really piled it on. but at least we know who is behind this fraud.
i think he is the real assman.

Guy needs lots more fiber. Billed for more than 24 hours a day. Just another hardworking immigrant. What?? Lawyers do it all the time.



in yiddish we have a word for such people - aside from paskudnyak - (bad guy) he's also quite a hondler - a slick artist. he will be muy popular in the big house.

I am a bit concerned about the picture in the story of the guy smelling his finger. That is disturbing considering his line of work.

I'm sure they'll turn the tables on him, so to speak, when he goes to prison.

So today the blog features, guess what -- tits and ass!

Your favorite subjects, bonmot! Back in the good old days when I smoked (anybody got a cigarette?) I remember many, many nights on third shift sitting outside in February with my coworkers sneaking a smoke. The only seating was a concrete bench. If you've ever sat on a cold concrete bench in the middle of winter I guarantee you have never had hemorrhoids. And wtf is a cocoa butter suppository? Also I'm sure there is a lawyer joke in this story somewhere but out of respect for bonmot I won't tell any.

so dr. sachakov was just trying to make ends meet...
in jail someone'll make his end meat.

Ugh...anybody else on this blog a taxpayer? He's operating on your wallet.

NC, I am on my way out the door to have a smoke. Want me to e mail you one? Annie, too many of us taxpayers have had all of our money and our wallets taken by big bro.

He can repay society by doing the cavity searches in prison.

If you wouldn't mind, oldfatguy.

i quit smoking in 2009 after the coronary. wish i could smoke again, but we know where that led....

The worst part is they only started investigating after patients complained. Seems like they should have automatic triggers that would spotlight those kinds of things, like the IRS.

Yeah, I know, that isn't funny or witty, but wtf?

Patient: "I won't stand for this! Oh, wait. Maybe I will."

There's a song about this.

The teaser headline link was "Proctologist Caught With Hand In Patient's Wallets" and I thought, "Hmm. That's different"

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