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September 22, 2010


A German study has found that European brown hares are capable of being pregnant twice at the same time, and can potentially be permanently pregnant.

(Thanks to catmanmax)


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Euro trash.

Just the European ones, or is this common to many strands of hare?

So hares breed like rabbits? Stop the presses! This could be a Nobel Prize worthy find.

FARK's headline said that scientists have named the species Michellis duggaris.

*snork @ Layzeeboy* No "kiddin'."

'As per Paris Hilton's Twitter feed, the heiress is now the new mommy to 20 40 "rescued" bunnies'...

Nyaaaaah, what's up, Doc?

Wait a second. I thought that the Octomom was Persian, not European.

LOL Layzee!

This could explain why there are so many hare Krishnas at airports.

Sounds like mom hare got a wild hare up there all the time.

Biological note #2: The commmon domestic rabbit is actually a European hare. Rabbits are born naked with their eyes closed; hares are born with hair and open eyes.

Wascally wabbits: hare today, gonads too mellow.

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