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September 29, 2010


Monkeys on security duty at Commonwealth Games

(Thanks to The Perts)


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The long tail of the Law. Handcuffs, club, bag of poo, check. All ready for patrol. Ook, ook.

'Langur Management'

It's too late, Dave. The lunatics are already running the asylum.

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil?

pick no evil out of someone else's hair and then eat it?

major *snork* @ sandy!

"Standby Monkeys" WBAGNFARB.

"Democracy is the art of running a circus from a monkey cage." -- H L Mencken


Why Can't You Do It?
Why can't you set your monkey free?
Always giving in to it -
Do you love the monkey or do you love me?
--George Micheal

"ooh ooh eek" which is monkey talk for
has some poo and shut up!

Forget Washington - we need those monkeys here in LA to deal with our gang problem. They look like they mean business. They could be a great improvement to California politics in general...

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