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September 29, 2010


A clown could be banned from standing for parliament in Brazil because critics complain that he can't read and write.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Tiririca has attracted millions of hits on YouTube with his ads and campaign slogans such as: "It can't be any worse that it is now!"

Sounds like a winning line to me.

If reading and writing are requirements for holding political office then I'm toast.

Illiterate Clown School dropout. What's this world coming to? Where is No Clown Left Behind when it's needed.


Don't bother - they're here.

Send in the clowns...

gmta, steve ;)

"This time, why not the worst?"

he and his 32 other colleagues will all carpool to the sessions....

Hey, Polosi said you have to pass the healthcare bill to find out what's in it, and John Conyers admitted nobody read all that stuff before they passed it.

So what's one more (ass)clown?

Let's try "Pelosi"^

Ollie was a successful fisherman in the old country. He worked hard, but was successful. Over time, however, his inability to read and write got in the way. After violating regulations he could not read, he had to sell his boat. He went to America.

In America, he had a hard time getting a job. He couldn't fill out the paperwork for an application. He struggled. A local church had compassion on him and hired him as a janitor.

He was passing the docks, looking at the fishing boats coming in. He saw the puny catches. He mocked those who would have been his colleagues if he could read and write.

"If you could do any better, charter a boat and go out here you dumb ____," said the fisherman who inserted his Scandanavian ancestry in the blank.

Ollie saved up every penny he could and finally saved up enough to charter a boat for a day. He went out fishing, using his superior skill to bring in the largest catch of the biggest fish. He struggled and saved, chartering boats at every opportunity. He was able to buy his own boat. With his own boat, his hard work and his skill he was able to prosper. He bought another boat and another.

A competitor realized that Ollie had to be bought out or merged. The competitor's lawyers drafted an agreement and the competitor found financing -- $100,000,000.

When presented with the contract, Ollie said "I don't know what this says. I cannot read and I cannot write."

"Ollie, can you imagine what you'd be doing in this country if you could read and write," exclaimed his competitor.

"I'd be cleaning toilets at the church," Ollie responded.

Being illiterate hasn't stopped politicians before, why should it be an issue now.

^ awww, commong...

Gen. Viagra wants to go to Washington, too?
He'd give 'em some stiff competition.

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