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September 27, 2010


France's ex-justice minister Rachida Dati mixed up the words "fellatio" and "inflation" - which sound similar in French - during a TV interview.

(Thanks to wiredog)


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I guess she ain't a cunning linguist.

well, mot, that says it all.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

You can have inflation with fellatio, but you can't have . . . Well, you know.

Not successfully, anyway.

OK, that should have said "Inflation withOUT fellatio".

But, you probably knew that.

wow, she really blew that, huh?

Well that sucks.

Alan Greenspan makes that mistake all the time.

In other news, Bill Clinton was preparing to run for office in France.

That's what you get when you talk with your mouth full.

*snork* BFF

Apparently, one cannot snork with one's mouth full either!

Helas! For the troubled French nation
They’re tortured not just by inflation
But also, it seems,
By that worst of extremes…
The spectre of zero fellation.

Well done, Betsy!

Most French guidebooks give you helpful phrases like, "May I have an Espresso?" or "We surrender." Is this helpful term ever mentioned. No.

Good one, Betsy!

The fellatio ratio is one of the leading erotic economic indicators.

(kowtows to betsy)

we're (not were) not worthy

Obviously her point was that inflation has brought us all down to our knees

I'll get on my knees for a woman . . . if she's on her elbows.

There's more to this trickle-down economic theory than I thought.

(*adds a SNORK!@ Betsy*)

Given the current chill in the economy, we can expect some shrinkage in the fellatio index.

It's hard to tell if inflation is cumming or going.

Her pole numbers indicate she's going down, but this could lead to a dramatic uptick.

Sheesh. You people are crude. I can't swallow this nonsense.


(too . . . many . . . inappropriate . . . comments . . . in brain)

Spit it out, Sharkie ;P

siouxie still has a mouthful of edgar (cake)

Just about to choke on it too!

Spitters are quitters.

Thanks for the heads up.

Former French Minister Dati
(ho turns out to be quite the hottie),
with a slip of her tongue
made economy fun,
from a mouth that turns out to be potty.

(who....not ho...pardon the Freudian slip)


*snork* @ punkin's (not punkins') pun!

Altho her lips
deny the slips
Wherever she may roam,
Her eyes, with glee,
say 'Oui! Oui! Oui!'


Oui surrender.

There's a joke here about "Come to Me" in French, but I don't know how it goes. Somebody here does, though.

Is it something about the Eyeful Tower? Nah.....

Major snorks all round.

A Swiss friend was working as a translator at the Brookings Institute after WWII. In a Marshall Plan document, she wrote about"copulating boxcars" after looking it up in a dictionary and finding "joining together." Naturally, it made the bulletin board, and her husband won't let her forget it over 60 years later. Dati won't live this down, either.

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