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September 30, 2010


Duo 'got to drinking,' ran naked past tigers

(Thanks to Lisa Stokely)


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I really loved that "got to drinking" line.

And nice 'do on Jake there.

jake looks like brad pitt with a bad stache & dreadlocks.

If I lived in a trailer inside a park full of tigers, I might get to drinkin' and go run nekkid screaming into the night . . .

Point well taken, bonmot.

Which of us couldn't say the same?

When you read "got to drinking" in an article, you can be pretty sure that nothing good happened next.

got drinking - thats cool...

It's Sideshow Bob!


A spokestiger commented: "So what? We're naked too."

Nature is doing it's best to improve the species. We keep getting in the way.

KJP: 'We're striped - not stripped.'


Um, Dave,

In college, you got drunk and ran past Bryn Mawr girls. But, in your defense, at least the tigers were in cages.

It seems to have been a hair-raising experience.

More details as they develop online and in Thursday's News Sentinel.

They expect more details to develop from this story?

Like, a sequel starring Snooki?

Loftis: "I thought you said they were cougars!"

"My Life With the Tigers" by Claude Baltz.

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