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September 27, 2010


At least they knew that an apostrophe wasn't appropriate...

I snapped the attached pic of a Raleigh, North Carolina, taxi this morning, believing that you both might enjoy it.

Improper punctuation in signage has become so commonplace that it seldom seems noteworthy anymore.  It takes real imagination, courage, and creativity (that, or perhaps just shocking levels of ignorance) to come up with unusual errors, especially when the error involves apostrophes and nouns.  I believe this taxi is a real standout in the category of innovative use of possessive noun punctuation.


John Moore




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A Adam, also known as "S", has a taxi.




THE honest-to-goodness, from far back in pre-historic blog times, when "First!" was usually the first through fifth posts, PollyPL? For true?

How've ya been?

I think Guin is closest.

Maybe AADAM has has "T" and "U" taxis?

Polly! Is that really you? Where have you been? How are you?

Inquiring minds...etc.

Hi, guys!! Yeah, it's me! I missed you so much! How are you all doing? I want to hear EVERYTHING!

I'm good. Light-haired Man and I are happily married and have even added a couple polliwogs to the mix. Currently I am nursing in my bathrobe and getting my morning dose of Curious George.

Excellent! Congratulations. How are the kids?

We missed you too.

The kids are great. They all live with me, now. So, yeah... five. :-) My oldest is 16 and my youngest is 8 months.

Are many people from the old group still around?

Not a lot. If you email me I'll give you the link to the latest MOAT. Mad is still around (she and Mike are moving to Miami). Also Kibby. Higgy does the fantasy football league. Susan is going through a tough health problem. Others are undoubtedly out there lurking and pop in once in a while.

Cool! Uh. I do not believe I still have your email addy...


Good catch. Apparently there are at least 98 others just like it.

Got it!

I see nothing wrong with that.

i do need to hurt someone.

I am teaching my 23 mo old grandson, Lucas, how to properly make sure people know that things are his.


As in - that is Lucas' truck. Not Lucas's or Lucases.

wow, you go Lucas' grandma!
most 23 mo olds would just say 'MINE!!!'

Congrats many times over, Polly.

What's the big deal here?

It is an "S"-type taxi.
Aadam owns it.
He only has one.

The phone number on the taxi door, according to reverse look-up, is an unpublished cell phone number. Aadam is obviously interested in maintaining his privacy.

Guin: Are you talkin' to me???

Excellent teaching, Punkin.

Can yu beleive the guy cn't spel Adam?

Aadam wants to be first in any alphabetical listing to make up for his poor excuse for a taxi; just watch that slow "S" car go.

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