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September 29, 2010


Right here.

(Thanks to Allen at Division and Matt Filar)


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Women have arms?

Long arms...? You mean, like rifles 'n stuff ?

bah. if they gots long arms that means they're tall which means they gots long legs too and they said that waist size and somethin else entered into it (t & a i'm guessing) so what did they prove? nothing. there. that's six degrees of nincompoopery.

*SMACKS* Hammie!! yeah and they don't talk back! UP HERE!

But what I'm looking at isn't up there...

*WAVES* really??

*Smacks Hammie!*
Better keep an eye on those arms before they reach out and slap you.

Artms? She had arms? I didn't notice.

The study finding is perfectly reasonable. I usually avoid ladies with small arms. (Too many gunpowder burns.)

A girl walks into a bar, the bartenders' wife says "Why the long arms?"

The bartender didn't say anything about her arms, he was lookin' at her tits.


this has nothing to do with short-arm inspections, does it?

*Waves @ Siouxie!!!*

*Waves @ Annie!!!*

Nope. I'm still a boob guy.

Note the helpful photo of a woman with bare midriff, see-through top, and large breasts long arms...

so venus de milo isnt really an important art piece i guess...lissen, we all know that it JUST DOESNT MATTER. men have 15 second attention span for when they are NOT thinking about their own johnson ...

measures arms...

*snorks* @ all!

yes, queensbee - venus was disarming

What they forgot to tell us was that the males in this study were male orangutans.

During the study their comments were roughly translated to:

"Whoa baby, she could wrap those around me twice!"
"She looks like she can swing from the treetops, no trouble."
"Hey honey, where do you buy sleeves for those?"

She was a long armed woman in a black dress...

I'm going to have to re-read THIS.

... forgets what he was going to say ...

OH YEA! She's got bumps!

Lies, lies and more lies.

I've never heard a guy say, "Get a load of the long arms on that one!"

Support the right to bare arms!

*Snork* @ Siouxie. Great arms, babe.

So are women going to start getting arm jobs. Might be cheaper to just give hand jobs.

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