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September 24, 2010


A Taiwanese man who won a poster design competition to promote copyright protection has been stripped of his prize after he was exposed as a copycat, officials said Thursday.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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On the other hand, he has been nominated for the Pullet Surprise for Irony.

So, Wu knew?

That's kind of like "mispel" or "phonetic".

The man, identified only by his surname Wu, apologised and admitted that his winning design was copied from a work by Dutch artist Dennis Sibeijn featuring a paper plane and, ironically, titled "Truth".

His next poster will be titled "Chutzpah."

*SNORK! ®*

Wu was not Twuthful.

His next poster will be titled "Chutzpah."

I'm sure I've already read this somewhere else.

Poster imposter?
Writing things under your name.
Trust no one. Beware.

wu are you...wu wu wu wu??? LOL

*SNORK @ Wuxie*

Gotta love The Wu.

we won't get wued again

Behind Wu eyes ...

wu'll never know

Wu is me for I am undone.
Wulliam Shakeswu?

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