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September 29, 2010


Ireland Hunting Down Thousands of Escaped Minks

(Thanks to The Perts)


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About 28,000 others declined the invitation to bolt for freedom

Stockholm Sydrome?

um...veeeeee broke the blooooog!

not again!!!!!!!!

i put all the thingys in there, honest

After the French response comment I have visions of Inspector Clousseau talking about minkees...

mon dieu. meeenks are such mean creatures. ahh, but their pelts are so lovvvely...

What do you bait a mink trap with? Diamonds?

I first read it as "Irish Hunting Down Thousands of Escaped Monks." The comments make much more sense now.

We need to produce genetically engineered mink that can be skinned more than once so there wouldn't be so many to escape. In the process, they can supersize them.

testing testing

I think the escaped monks idea made more sense.

They escaped, but none were stolen.

I am a certified mustelid lover but, I can never figure out t what they activist think they are accomplishing.

To be safe, I would stay away from Irish mink coats that have tire track patterns on the pelts.

i belive your feed is not working

its true, your feed ist not working ?!


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