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September 28, 2010


"We send our managers to the Disney Institute for customer service. Think about it: They've been trained by Mickey Mouse."

(Thanks to nursecindy)



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it takes its name from Willie Nelson's album "Shotgun Willie."

As long as the girls don't take their look from Willie....

*Eyes with some suspicion the table in the dark corner with the seven little fellers*

I hear Mickey is getting divorced because Minnie is fraking Goofy.

I went to a strip club one time in Orlando. A real pleasant lady came over to our table and introduced herself as BJ. It turned out that her real name was Linda, and it's always been a mystery to me how someone named Linda ended up being called BJ.

Bouncer: "Sir, I don't care who you know or how many of the girls you helped train. You can't come in here without any pants."

Donald: "Awww."

"it takes its name from Willie Nelson's album "Shotgun Willie."

So Steamboat Willie gets no props?

^..... 'butt I taught them the corkscrew!'

I went to a strip club once to pick up my husband. He wasn't my husband then but his boss at the time took him there and then his boss got hooked up with someone and I got the call to come and pick up my husband. I'm a people watcher and boy a real eye opener inside. I was only 18 at the time. In fact I had to keep fellows off of me when I went inside. By the way I would be wondering what Mickey Mouse would be teaching in this day and age.

Mickey is smart - why do you think he always wears gloves.

"Bluegrass, opera and zydeco"? It'd make me fall off the pole, I think....

A friend once took me to what he called "old-time burlesque" but I discovered was just a strip club. I was married and uncomfortable but stuck; he drove.
One of the strippers sat down next to me and acted possessive.
I nervously explained the situation.
She was very nice. She said that was sweet and thanked me. Then she moved on.
It gave me a new perspective, but I still avoided the places.

...I would be wondering what Mickey Mouse would be teaching in this day and age... - Theresa

♪ "Hey! there, Hi! there, HO! There!!!
You're as welcome as can be..."!

See you reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal soon...


Didn't Chip & Dale become a traveling male strip revue?

Mickey, on the stand at his divorce trial: "I didn't say she was crazy. I said she was f*cking Goofy!"

....K-E-Y! Why? Because you like it!

'One of the strippers sat down next to me and acted possessive.' - Steve

so, would that be Stripper's? or maybe Strippers's??
oh, i got it: STRIPPER"S"

Someday, their prince will come.

I can't believe no one mentioned this part of the interview yet.

Matthews: I love to read. I have a Kindle, and I love it. We have a book club for the staff called Strip It Down. We meet once a week. It’s a conservative reading group.

Reporter: Well. What do you read?

Matthews: Friedrich Hayek’s “The Fatal Conceit,” “Super Freakonomics,” the Federalist Papers. We talk about the prisoner’s dilemma (a philosophical question about human behavior).

I can see it now - husbands everywhere claiming, "But honey, we were discussing The Federalist Papers!"

Like Steve Tyler, Debbie Matthews can put a whole banana in her mouth, sideways

Mickey is gay!!! And I should know!

When I met him, he was a rat on a Steamboat.

Then he met his pimp, Mr. Walt "Big Bucks" Disney,
who promised him he'd become famous.

Mr. D arranged our marriage, even our fake kids.

But Mickey always was a loose slut!

Wiredog, Minnie had to get some good stuff somewhere. Who could blame her?

See? I think about you blog guys occasionally. There is even a picture in this article.

Lapp Dancers.

So much to go on...

I vote for this as the key Q&A:

BH: What do you dislike about your appearance?
Matthews: I hate the way I look.

Mickey Mouse training for managers. Pretty much standard operating procedure in my world.

♫ It's a small world after all, we can cure your shortfall ♫

Nolidge - Really??

Diva: nah, I'm just a leetle underdeveloped in the humor department. But bless you for asking.

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