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September 28, 2010


Woman picks nose during CBS news broadcast

(Thanks to Suzie Q. Wacvet)


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That's snot news.

Wow...this blog post was on the RSS feed before I saw it on the Blog.

Have you ever noticed how close the words "blogger" and "booger" are?


woman in background (whispering) "hello? i can't talk to you now - we're on air!....

....what??? i was??? i mean, i WASn't!!!!"

Wanna get away?

Dave, speaking of the power of vegetables,
Did you see the report about the woman who scared away a black bear by hitting it with a zucchini?

And that's the nEWWWWWWWs.

Hey lady! See that big thing that everybody else looks at and talks to? It's a camera and it takes pictures.

You can pick your nose and you can pick your friends but you can't eat your friends.

"50 bucks the Smails kid picks his nose... Double he eats it."

*snooooork* @ MtB.

YouSpace hauled that down pretty quick.

GMTA, Mot!

OC - excellent reference.

CBS has issued this explanation: (it's all in the punctuation...)

Could Be Snot
Could Be? 'Snot!

olbermann had her as one of the worst persons in the world last night. i about screamed with laughter. lady, oh, lady.....(kinda in a jerry lewis voice)...

Aww man...they took the video out. I wanted to be grossed out too!!

Siouxie- FYI: she went deep & swallowed.

Now go batton down ur hatches :)

OK..ew. Thanks, sandy.

*hatches battoned and loins girded*


Phlegm at 11:00.

*snorkewwwwwww* @ stevie!

I can understand how sometimes you just gotta get something out of your nose (ok, but maybe not while you're on t.v.). But the part about then putting it into your mouth and eating it. This is baffling. Can somebody please explain? Iron Chef? Anybody?

Digging into the story. Crunchy or gooey swallow that louie.

It's not like it's going to pick itself.
I was talking with our County Attorney trying to get a warrant for some guy when the Attorney inserted his right forefinger into his nostril and went digging for gold. It was fascinating. He had that digit almost up to the second joint before he found the nugget.
I declined to shake his hand when I left.
BTW, I can search my mind and I have no memory at all of the case involved.

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