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September 30, 2010


A tough town.

(Thanks to Ralph)

Update: Milwaukee, too.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Nice one.

Actually, Brooklyn is getting tough too. Over the last week I've seen 4-5 mashed squirrels on the roadways.

"You are not ticketing a hearse, are you?" he said.

"It's parked illegally," she replied.

"This is a funeral, for God's sake. You can't be serious," Tillison said.

She was serious all right. She ticketed the hearse, another funeral director car from Church and Chapel, and some vehicles belonging to mourners.

Send her to Washington.

Dat's da last time DAT squirrel makes fun of Tony Soprano!

Moose and squirrel have big fight.

Moose pulls out taser and fries Rocky.

"I learned that on the Sopranos, too!" Moose told the
weekly reporter.

"Bill "would have gotten a huge laugh out of it," Ruth said."
Metermaids, putting the fun in funeral.

You know that it would be untrue
You know that i hate squirrels! would be a liar
If I was to say to you
Squirrel, you couldn't get much higher
Come on baby, walk that wire
Come on baby, walk that wire
Try to set yourself on FIRE!

I realize I am going against the conventional wisdom on the blog, but I happen to like squirrels (profound aplogies, your Daveness).

We have dozens scampering around our house, I enjoy watching them, although they drive my golden retriever nuts...

Let's say J. D'oh (as in Homer Simpson's "Du-oh")
is the so-far unidentified parking control person.

J., the job description does not require you to chuck or check your compassion at the door!

J., are you sure you graduated high school?

J., does writing tickets make you feel powerful?
Were you bullied as a child? Do you think its okay to bully others? Is writing tickets a way to get even?

Seriously, for lack of judgement I hope he or she gets fired. Techically it was a violation, but it
never violated the SPIRIT or intent of the law.
There IS a difference. Wisdom lacking, some can
not tell the difference.

Anyway, what goes around comes around. J, your
karma is "GAR-RAN-TEED!!" (new york or new orleans
accent emphasized.)

Thirty-five dollars is a stiff fine.

the hearse-ticket writer was duly noted as a worst person in the world by olbermann last nite, and as for that squirrel ---eh, is there something about hanging with the squirrels, (swimming with the fishies) or something.
tastes like chicken, i guess

What's the difference between a meter maid and a tick?

At least the tick'll drop off you after you're dead.

Here in NoVa I see many squirrels that have lost all or part of their tail. I wonder if there's a Squirrel Yakuza.

who would want squirrels in their yakuza?


In Jersey, this is as close to Hallmark as we get.

Must be the same metermaid that ticketed the dead guy in the car.

'But since this squirrel was seen hanging far from a transformer, its death remains a minor mystery...'

Looks like his little paws dropped his partner...
'Cirque du Squirr-eil' - FAIL!

Meanwhile, Pabst rises from the dead. YAY!

"I'll pay that ticket over my dead body!" Where are the little cement shoes on the squirrel?

"Hello, Joe's Mortuary. You stab 'em, we slab 'em. You kill 'em, we chill 'em. All men cremated equal. Let us plot your future. Now how may I help you?"


Let that be a warning to other squirrels who KEEP MAKING THE DAMN POWER GO OFF.


Here in Jersey we call that 'le lapin fricassee' . . .

Now, now. Squirrels are our friends. According to E-How answers; "Squirrels create a variety of plants, mixing them and moving them around. They are the gardeners of the earth." It doesn't exactly say if you want these plants moved around or mixed but at least they're trying.

The parking tickets in Milwaukee make sense if you remember that Milwaukee was settled by Germans. I read about a case in Germany where people got a ticket for J-walking when they ran across the street when their hotel caught on fire. They should have gone to the cross-walk--the police said.

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