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September 24, 2010


TRENTON — A grandmother frying potatoes with her granddaughter reached into her a bag and found a spud with eyes, a nose and a chin like Jay Leno’s.


(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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Siouxie, I knew I could count on you.

What au gratin thing to say!

What about me??????

O'Brian lost his late night show.

A face only a mother potato could love.

i was chopped by the BIG po-jay-to head.

Hey Leno -- this spud's for you!

Well, maybe, if Leno's gone bald and misplaced his dentures....

I'm rooting for Siouxie and her de-vine humor.

Dave, I'm glad I'm so predictable reliable ;)

Separated at birth?

*snork* @ mtb!

It's too bad his peckerdillos took him out of play. He was a democrat I liked.

OT/ The Red Bulls just went up on the Galaxy, 1-0.

*snork* at Meanie's uniquely informed NY perspective

And for a fine example of true in-depth journalism, it's hard to beat "the rest of the spuds in the bag seemed fine and didn’t resemble sad little men."

I got the dirt on you now an I'm gonna mash your face.

Leno? Not quite.

Butthis guy

is a perfect match!

O/T: Isn't it wonderful how PBS keeps the deceased celebrity gainfully employed?

I saw Mr. Rogers Harass an elephant today, and
Julia Child was cooking with a friend, and asking
whether she shouldn't add some more wine.

We should ALL be so lucky!

look up this guy



look up Henry the comic strip on Google, Yahoo or

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