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September 08, 2010


A fake-child "speed bump."


(Thanks to RussellMc)


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So... let me get this straight. Folks will begin to assume that the child they see in the street isn't real and should be ignored.

Who makes up such things anyway?

I went to college with Pavement Patty. Glad to see she finally pulled her face out of the gutter and got a job.

I think this is the dumbest thing I've seen in a long time. If I saw a child suddenly pop up in front of my car I'd hit the brakes and then swerve. Of course that would cause whoever is behind me to do the same and they would probably end up hitting me or we both would run over an innocent pedestrian on the sidewalk. Did somebody's brother-in-law, a starving artist, need a job?

I assume government money was involved here.

Should get interesting when Heart-attack Hannah and Larry the Lawyer hit the scene.

BRILLIANT!! Now you kids get off my parking lot!!

Get outta my way or get run over!

I'm with NMUA on this one. Let's just desensitize drivers so that they run over whatever appears in front of them because it's "probably a speed bump."

*shakes head in dismay*

Intsead of just some generic child, I think they should use the creepy twins from THE SHINING. That'll make drivers pause. Or serve off to the side and crash.

Blago's looking for a job. He could do this one. In fact, judging from his looks, I think he has prior experience.

Let's see, you've driven through this "child" a hundred times and know she's not really there. So you don't actually slow down.
But your passenger is new in town and doesn't know what's going on.
He grabs the steering wheel to save the child and you crash.
Does the "child" come over and offer a placebo until help arrives?


Who thought this one up, Ms. Montag?

Most three-dimensional speed bumps work in two directions. Will this 2-D version do the same?

The sneakers from the Fred Munster collection are a dead (you should forgive the expression) giveaway.

Pictures of Barry Manilow should definitely not be used.

Uh, Cheesewiz, I have sneakers like that. They make me taller. That way I don't get hit by cars...as much.

What could possibly go wrong?

This would be a funny joke waiting to happen with out of towners visiting for the weekend (especially in-laws). You get in the car with them and as soon as you see 'the child' you hit the gas and 'run right over them'.

Whoops Steve! Did not read all the posts before I posted mine! I would say 'great minds think alike' but I do not want to seem like I am insulting you in any way.


I love those paintings, Ralph. Very realistic. I think it would have been cheaper for them to have just put a speed bump down.

Alyzabeth, let's get together and run them all down!
Although, to tell the truth, it's only that one that always sits behind me at the movies that I want to kill.

Would someone mind running down the spammer?

See, to keep drivers from getting de-sensitized, we need some VARIETY: dogs, nuns, kindergarten classes, Carrie's arm coming out of the grave, zombies, axes and spikes, bodies, gangs of menacing thugs...put about three to a mile, at random intervals, and I betcha all our traffic problems will be solved.

I like the way you think Betsy. I would definitely slow down for a shirtless George Clooney.

Slow down? Dang, NC...what would it take to get you to stop???

GOod idea, Betsy. Sort of like what Will Smith went through in Men in Black where he "shot" little Susie with her school books.

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