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September 28, 2010


"Voting is so easy you can literally vote naked in the privacy of your own home," says Kevin Hauswirth, Director of Advertising and Promotions at Roosevelt University,  who's helping to promote Vote Naked Illinois.

(Thanks to bonmot)


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How will they ever count all those hanging chads?

...or dimpled, or pregnant,...

In Novembers past, I have stood outside in rain, sleet and snow waiting for the polls to open. I like Oregon's mail vote much better.

Were you wearing clothes, NUMA?

or NMUA, even?

Hey,they've taken everything else. It's either this or vote wearing a barrel.

This from the state that brought you Obama AND Blagojevich.

(And yes, I can b!tch. I'm a native Chicagoan.)

Isn't it a little cold and windy to be running around naked in Chicago?

Illinois has a brand new decree.
In choosing to vote absentee,
the state advertised,
that to be enfranchised,
the people can vote fabric-free.

Sorry, what time do the polls clothe?

*snork* @ mtb.

Mail voting rocks.

Wait. We're not supposed to vote naked in public?

My bad.

Everybody does it in LA

Voting in the buff would just feed into the politicians' naked ambitions . . .

"Nekkid Ambitions" WBAGNFARB.

very good, bon.

Like Illinois hasn't already come up with enough ways to corrupt the integrity of our elections...

What's this brown stripe on the ballot. Those aren't hanging chads, their klingons.

their>they're. I ain't some illiterate clown.

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