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September 27, 2010


Unfortunately, our strict policy prohibits us from bringing you this important update.


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Nationally syndicated humor columnist Dave Barry featured it on his blog.

Dave has a blog?

We're famous!!! Whoo hoo!

Punkin...Practice your hair-flips! Here come the paparazzi!

*rushes off to find small dog to stuff in her cleavage*


*goes off to buy toe thong*

good sports those two, Bless their hearts.. wish we had more like them in this neurotic world

Prize for good-sportmanship:

A Spectacular 'Wang DeCock Wedding Cake'
from the aforementioned Experimental Food Society!

Peder Wang grew in Moorhead? The more ya massage this story, the bigger it gets!

Dave "Juggernaut of Power" 'Blog' Barry, multiple-term Presidential candidate, is a leader in "link economy".

Blog Blog, he's our man. If he can't link it no one can.

"...noticeably excited to be getting married..."

erm, they didn't say how they noticed this, but i can imagine...

Dave is so proud that he has to sit down.

I don't think I appreciate the tone of condescension from this writer, implying we're a group of juvenile-minded individuals. I'm going to drive to Grand Forks, purchase a bulk order of Charmin, and toilet-paper the offices of the G.F. Herald!

Sharky, don't forgot to stop by Dave's memorial sewage pumping station while you're out that way.

what a great couple!

Builds character. Wow, the last normal people in America.

We're famous!!! Whoo hoo!

We're juvenile!!! Whoo hoo!

I'm glad she took his last name. If they'd hyphenated it would have just set us off again.

And other blogs said we'd never amount to anything.

At least they weren't from Kentucky, where they spell it Morehead.

And catch the story again tonight on Leno's

Leno's that humorist celebrity whose highly creative observant audience never misses a beat. I think he has some kind of Tv show.

If they are blessed with children, some possible names: Jauque, Horatio, Maude, Phil, and one to confuse all....Chastity.

Tara DeCock? Okaaaaaaay.

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