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September 21, 2010


They were pretty good.


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Give me Paul, John & George as my backup band and I'll sound pretty good too. They were good enough to give Ringo some hit singles.


We saw them open for The Kingsmen.

In another 50 to 100 years people will still recognize songs by The Beatles. In another 10 years you will mention some of the current groups and no one will know who you are talking about. Elvis Presley is another one that will be remembered for a very long time. That's the first time I've heard that song and I love it!

I(IANMTU) saw Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs open for the Beatles.


Indeed they were! Timeless!

{{{{{{{{{{{thank you, Dave}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

Wow. Just Wow.

Wow. excellent video. I am always amazed at the sound gotten from such spare studio settings. It's like 3 mics and the Abbey Road mixer had about 6 big honkin' knobs to 2 track tape. You got it right or did the whole song over again. No "fix it in the mix".

In 1964 they were the warm-up band for Sylvie Vartan at the Olympia theater in Paris . . .

Pics . . .

Geezer Alert: as some of you have heard before, when The Beatles came here the first time in February of 1964 to appear on Ed Sullivan's show, two friends and I saw them (notice I didn't say "heard them") at Carnegie Hall.

You've never heard so many girls scream that loud....

/end alert

*now where did I leave that bus?*

(a not quite as old geezer comment that i am not making up):

i saw aerosmith open for the joe vitale band. that was '76 i think (it's all a little blurry.)

As a testament to the timelessness of the Beatles, my two older daughters (19 & 21) are big Beatles fans.

The Beatles is some of the only geezer music they appreciate.

That's the first time I've heard that song and I love it!

Nursecindy, I didn't know you had a deprived childhood. I was singing along merrily.

Jeff, how did you manage to afford $5.50 in '64?

Try $3, Mot.

Hey, I was only 15. We went to the early show.

Who was playing the drums on that cut? Looked like Ringo was playing the bongos.

Jeff, you are a God.

Thanks, NotS. An old God, perhaps.

I think that the beatles were great. I have never seen the video and it was wonderful.

"I've got a hole in me pocket. Wonder if it still works?"

ahhh... for the days of understandable lyrics and great harmonies

The original Boy Band. All the others have been but cheap imitations - right down to the hair.

I saw them in Atlantic City (August '64) and the opening acts were pretty good, too: The Righteous Brothers and Jackie De Shannon. Ticket price was a "whopping" $5.50 for ringside seats.

Not as good as the Remainders, but not bad.

Not deprived, Mot. It's just that I was only almost 2 years old when they became popular. I love them!

They're pretty good. I bet they won't make it, though, because guitar bands are on the way out.

Stop this beating heart...

August 20, 1965
3 p.m. - Comiskey Park, Chicago
But I have to correct one of my geezerette memories: For years I've thought their opening act was Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs; but google tells me it was really Cannibal and the Headhunters. Wonder how I got confused?

And I got our 4 tickets free from a radio call-in quiz;)

After seeing them on Ed Sullivan when I was ten and unaccountably bursting into tears, I crammed into the Los Altos Theater to watch them on close circuit TV. We all screamed at the top of our lungs the entire time, and I had two wads of jum stuck in my hair when I left. Ah, memories....


Who played the drums? Ringo. You'll note that he is shown goofily enough on both drumset AND bongos, while Paul is shown on both vocals/bass AND piano. Just for funsies.

The story of my life. I wish I would have heard that song back then. On the other hand, no guts....no air medals. It probably wouldn't have helped.

Do you ever have those moments where you look around and wonder what the rest of the world is smoking?

As much as I've tried to like them I cannot stand their voices, music, or songs.

I've just assumed they are popular because everybody has heard they are good so they learn to like it to fit in. Since I'm over 30 I may never understand why people like them.

Bob, you are banished.
The Beatles were a major factor in my youth and, I have to admit, in my old age.
I never saw them in person and that's a sorrow I will take to my grave.
They were great for several reasons; the vast evolution of their own recorded music in just a very few years, their influence on world culture, and the fact that they had so much influence on popular music in a very short time.
Listen to "rock" in 1962 and then sample rock in 1968. The change is revolutionary.

For everyone's information (except perhaps Bob) You're Gonna Lose That Girl as well as the rest of the HELP album are part of the astounding movie of that name. I know I'm going to sound like a publicity agent -- but it's like a continuous music video plus a manic-hilarious film. It actually has a bit of a story and ends on a seriously cool note.

One good thing about my recent move was re-finding my ticket stub from when I saw them in 64. I also found all my Beatles bubble gum cards...

And Bob, we respect your right to be wrong about the best band in the universe. Just take it somewhere else please.

Maybe it's time for another "How good were the Beatles?"

This good.

That's just the demo! (Yeah, McCartney didn't have a complete lock on enchanting, melodious songs.)

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