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September 27, 2010



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Makes me want to go take a little ride down 95!

*is it hot in here?*

All the way down to Miami, BFF!!

When you pass DC yell "Hi", Punkin.

I remember before I-95 opened through VA. We used to travel US 1. Now there's a road that could use some saving.

Vast undulations....purrrrrr....

"all these dirtbag rural towns where the highest form of cultural achievement is remembering to roll down the car window before you spit"

Having lived in one of those dirtbag rural towns, I have to, umm, err, well pretty much agree with you. They don't call it the Redneck Riviera for nothing.

Maryland is a normal state? Including the parts of along I-95? I think the story may be a year or twenty out of date...

Ah bidets are here again.

Why is Annie undulating and purring? (Not that I mind)

Still waiting for my random trash to arrive in the mail.

Hey, Dave wrote a column!

"One way to reduce the traffic damage to I-95 would be to make the exit ramps very high, so that the cars would actually shoot off into space, say 80 feet up. This would not only cut your maintenance costs, but it would enhance the completeness of the I-95 experience. It would make driving on I-95 a once-in- a- lifetime thrill.

I think "Dr. Parker" really had something there. Too bad they didn't follow through.

@ Hammie - cuz she's riding a stick?

shift.. ;P

*WAVES @ Hammie!!!*

*;p @ Siouxie!!!*

Dang. I was about to send off an envelope.
We have I-95 in St. Johns County, too. One popular nickname for our stretch is Death Highway, which really brings in the tourists, I can tell you!
Unfortunately, it's just a recruiting tool for all the ghost-hunting tours in St. Augustine. Somebody has to meet the demand for all the ghosts.
St. Augustine-where good people go when they die.

There's a LOT of talk in that column about manly men discharging their carbines. Makes me think maybe Mrs. Blog was out of town that week...

It's a pity you didn't try going the other way. I'm sure you would have generated some priceless facial expressions as you hit that one point just past Philadelphia called, "Now Where the Heck Did I-95 Go?"

*Waves @ Siouxie!!!*

*Waves @ Annie!!!*

KJP: I live right near there. Every couple of years they change the signage to make it less confusing to figure out where to pick up I-95 again. Which, of course, makes it more confusing.

Is Everglades singular or plural? It's both in one sentence!

And it is threatened on the west by the Everglades, which until fairly recently were recognized for what it is, which is to say a swamp,

Mr. Language Person? Anybody?

Hammie!!! Long time no see. :) *waves big!!!*

I think the updated postscript was my favorite part. :D

I got lost on I 95 in N.C. once when returning from Myrtle Beach. It is a very nice road but unfortunately it was the wrong road. I thought I was on I 85. When I saw a sign that said, "Welcome to Fayettville", I knew there was a problem because it should have said, "Welcome To Charlotte". I wear my glasses now when I drive.

When photographers named Bruce are outlawed,......

I think if one is going to run columns from 1985, then the accompanying ads should also be from 1985.

Helps the context.

Brings back memories of my first Miami visit in '85. Thanks for the laughs, Dave....

Bridge clearances on the the Dwight D. Eisenhower National System of Interstate and Defense Highways were designed to allow the passage of Nike-Ajax missiles on trailers. Your taxes are still supporting the same specifications for this pinnacle of technology.

Why are there no lanes for the horse cavalry? The army could get through Miami (and most cities) a lot faster than using motor vehicles at rush hour.

*Waves @ Diva!!!*

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