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September 30, 2010


NIRASAKI, Yamanashi -- An elementary school teacher here instructed his students to make a ransom note as part of their moral education, it has emerged.

(Thanks to Joe in Japan)


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Couldn't they just have Hayata use his beta capsule to become . . . ULTRAMAN?!

All of your teacher are belong to us.

Does the list of school supplies include duct tape and ski masks...?

Next moral lesson
is Hari-Kari haiku:
Pass. Or Fail and Die.

"The school principal said that the content of the letter was inappropriate and that he is having the teacher killed gave a verbal warning to the teacher."

You pay lansom chopchop
or teacher in deep kimchee.

Nice haiku, sandysan.

Me teach you long time.

This is actually great schooling as that type of writing does pay the best.

The teacher is an obvious oldster. He should have just given them cell phones and asked them to text out the notes. Done in two seconds.

Just watch the new movie "Buried." Ransom notes are so passé.

Dear Parents,

I have your children for 45 minutes a day. Send me 5 million yen in small, unmarked fortune cookies or I will teach them how to poison your tea.

Have sunny day!


FYI, despite many invasions of Korea, the Japanese never adopted kimchee as their own.

who's sari now?

Course prerequisites:

-- Level I Blackmail Skills

AND one of the following:

-- Elementary Extortion II, OR
-- Effective Threatening

goodbye mr. chips
despite all warnings he taught
the dreaded cosine.

"Tori, the overall theme of your note is fairly good. However, you might want to increase the ominous feel by adding specific threats. Also, the monetary demand seems high. You want to bleed them but not drain them dry. Finally, try to vary the lettering a bit more. Other than that, this is very impressive for a first try."

"Thank you, Teacher-San."

"Ok, class, for homework tonight, try to think of which body part you would want to send in the mail. You are dismissed."

*waves gun @ Hammie!*

Where else are kids supposed to learn how to give the kiss of death?

My final homework:
'Must make sentence with "S" word'
I fell on my sword.

tEAchEr iDi0t
wHo WoUlD PAy a plUGged NicKEl
4 suCH An A-h0lE?

I remember hearing about 'cooperation' on Sesame Street. Let's send Elmo over there.

Please to pay ransom
Honorable sir, domo.
Or else. So sorry.

*snork* @ NotSher-Ry:
Prease to read ransom haiku
(meanie the brue, too!)

Yo' ma, Yoyoma,
No pay ransom in time,
Good-bye, Meestah Cheeps.

excerent hiaku
about the tight-ass parents
no sense of humah

Yo' mama can't dance
and yo' daddy can't rock and
roll: Where do you go ?

E re men tary
my katai Watanabe
Ishi...deep suchi

i think my boss went thru the same team building training.

Tokyo has a sushi bar just for lawyers. It's called So Su Mi.

a sushi oops.

*snork* at brog haikus!

Cna't really blame the guy. He had a captive audience.

Love the hai-jac-ku
Gesundheit. Solly - I sneeze
All ovah the blog.

I read & enjoyed this blog.

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