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September 13, 2010


Friday comes early this week.

(Thanks to Dorakay)


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Hurricanes seem to have a very Anti-Semetic aim.

I'm flying to GA on Saturday.

Will I die?

Oh. I thought it said Some flatuations in intensity are likely over the next 48 hours, forecasters said.

Hey! Igor's doin' the hoochie coochie!

Alyzabeth - they are not anti-semetic - they just hate pine cone heads.

Will Wednesday still be Humpday?

Every time I hear "hurricane Igor" I think of Young Frankenstein." "That's EyeGor, not EEEGor."

Wait, I meant the hokey pokey. I'm always gettin' them two mixed up...

Hokey the hoochie and pokey the coochie.


Yes, you will die. But probably not on Saturday.

We're all gonna die! Eventually...

JOG, that's exactly what I think of...

"It's Eye-gor."

Thursday might very well be your Friday, if Igor eyes your peninsula.

what hump(day)?

Why are all these hurricanes aiming towards the Carolinas?? Was it something we said? Hurricane Eye-gor go back to Miami. They weren't shooting at you!

Me no like Kardashians.

i don't get it, the map didn't have anything that looked like a penis on it.

Hokies lost to Dukes this weekend. Poke your Hooch in that (or maybe not).

Looks like Mutha Nature's holding a whackamole bat over Puerto Rico.

As Churchy LaFemme was fond of saying, Friday the 13th came on a Monday this week.

(Does anyone else remember Walt Kelly's Pogo Possum comic strip?)

Wednesday is still hump day, butt thursday will now be switched to yesterday and tomorrow is cancelled due to lack of interest.

Yesterday today was tomorrow.

Oh, yes Howard. Pogo was my favorite back then.

I loved Pogo. All the good cartoons are gone. Bloom County and Calvin and Hobbes are the two I miss the most.

Yeah, Howard ... Pogo and Li'l Abner were two of the best, back when I wuz a young, skinny kid ... wowser, that wuz a LONG time ago ...

Right there with ya, on Bloom County and Calvin & Hobbes, nc.

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