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September 24, 2010


A 10-year-old boy who ran away because he said he was having trouble with long division was found two hours later.

(Thanks to Chris Wiley)


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People need to stop interfering with evolution.

math is hard

- paris

I was disappointed that the next sentence in the story was not, "How many weeks was he grounded for that evening?"

I ran away once because my father MADE me eat banana ice cream. He believed I was just being stubborn by saying I hated something he loved.
I remember thinking I was going to join the circus; but circuses were remarkably hard to find on Firestone Road in Jacksonville.
The walk back home was prompted by my remembering that we were supposed to go fishing that evening.
It turned out that everyone knew I had run off but they figured I'd show up to go fishing. I was gone about two hours.
I still hate bananas.

I wonder how his punctuation is.

Well, they now have his undivided attention.

(checks) nope, my son is 17.

Learning long division these days is obsolete. God put calculators on our cell phones for the same reason He got rid of slide rules -- to simplify tithing, obviously.

Division. The square root of all evil.

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