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September 28, 2010


A sensitive customer gets a tattoo.

(Thanks to Brian Duval)


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Kinda unsafe for work, potentially. At least turn down your speakers if you are in the library.

I'd credit mtb.

Probably does hurt like hell. I can't blame her.

that is one of a lot of reasons I would not get a tatoo. I bet I would hollar louder than her.

I did not give a tattoo to that woman, Miss Holycowcanishriekanyfrigginlouderinsky.

I can't imagine her giving birth. Sheesh. Cowboy up, woman!

Wow! By the sound of things...you'd think she had Paul Bun-yan back there!

Hey, NMUA, wanna guess where I work? (IANMTU) Yeah. Thanks for the warning that I didn't read before I turned it on. ><

Also, I thought alcohol was supposed to numb the pain. As much as she seems to have had, it clearly wasn't enough.

Kids, let that be a lesson to you.

More tequila clearly is in order.

She should get the kinds of tattoo's I get. You go to Walmart, pick up a little sheet of rub on tattoos and put them wherever you want. Perfectly painless and in about a week, or sooner if you use baby oil, they're gone! I only do that on Halloween, btw. I've started I.V.'s and given shots to people like this. These are the kind of patients that you pray will pass out so you can complete your work.

btw, men are much worse than women when it comes to blood or needles. I would have a guy come into my office with a paper cut and as soon as I took the tissue or paper towel off the cut he would hit the floor. They also pass out quicker than women when you have to take their blood. I worked for several years for Freightliner as their Occupational Health Nurse. I learned very quickly to always make the guys lay down before I looked at their cuts or took their blood. It's harder to faint when you're laying down. And a medical reminder to the blog and bloggers. Get your flu shots this year. You'll be happy you did. Also don't do like some of my male patients and drop your pants for your flu shot. They go in your arm.

The problem with flu shots, nc, is that they GIVE you the flu . . .

*waits for nc to go all ballistic . . .*

(Call me a master baiter.

Wait, what?)

Don't cha just hate tappin those puny veins?

The tat heard 'round the world.

I can't imagine getting a tattoo. But hey different strokes for different folks. There are some cute washable ones out for Halloween right now.

I saw a couple other youtube videos like this but this was the best one . . .

I can't imagine her giving birth. Sheesh. Cowboy up, woman!

Posted by: Siouxie | September 28, 2010 at 12:54 PM

Siouxie, I'm guessing most mothers think that way. I sent it to a cousin and she said "she should try natural childbirth!"

Now cindy, not all guys are wimps and not all women are stoics. But that said...my late FIL was a big tough guy, WWII (The Big One) vet, etc. yet he couldn't stand the sight of blood. He was definitely one of the take blood/pass out group.

Personally I have more trouble with the suffering of others than my own.

nc - those rub-ons can hurt coming off, so I got these instead. Except my arms are thin, so the sleeves are baggy, so my arms look like those of a wrinkled old lady who got run over multiple times by a dirt bike. Still a good look, IMO.

what is with all the tattoos anyway? jews arent allowed to get tattooed. besides, it frikken hurts. why sign up for that?
course, that woman is an idiot.

Two words I rarely include in the same sentence: Voluntary. and Pain.

The flu shot does not give you the flu, bonmot. It used to because they contained a live virus but they no longer do. I can give you a shot and I promise you wouldn't even feel it. You can still get the flu even with a flu shot because it only protects against the strains of flu that the CDC think will be the most prominent or dangerous. Another strain can come around and it won't protect you. The best defense it to wash your hands and wipe off the handles of shopping carts and door knobs before you use them. If you share a phone in an office wipe it off also before using it. You would be surprised how many people think nothing of sneezing into a phone. This has been your free medical advice for the day. bonmot, I'd make you drop your pants, btw.

cindy, don't tempt him.

Also, cindy, I just read an article that explained that fainting at the sight of blood is a biological phenomenon and has nothing to do with squeamishness or cowardice, but I can't for the life of me find that link.

Cindy, I (a manly man) have not had a vaccination since 8th grade. I know I should get a tetanus booster and flu shots, but just the thought of the needle going into my arm makes me sweat and grow weak. The sight of blood doesn't bother me though.

It's not the blood that gets me, I cut myself all he time, but I can't bear to watch someone stick a needle in me. Doesn't bother me if it's someone else, just me.

I think I know her. >< But I will never admit that outside of this blog.

So if tattoos are so great how come the tattoo artist doesn't seem to be sporting any?

I read the title as "Fungal," which, for many tats, also works.

Nurse Cidy:

I PROMISE to drop my pants and cough, upon demand lol

err cidy = cindy

That's why I always get my tattoos while I'm dead drunk . . .

That's sweet of you Afkat. Braniff, I usually am extra nice to people who are afraid of shots. Especially men who seem to hate them more than women. The flu vaccine also comes in a nasal spray and unless you just graduated from high school you need a tetanus booster. I can stick anyone, I don't mind getting stuck, but! I hate to watch anyone on TV getting a shot.

I feel it's wrong that my mother got a tattoo (a little floral thingy on her ankle, but it's still a tattoo) and I haven't (yet). In my defense, I had my ears pierced before she did, because she was afraid it would hurt.

What queensbee said, though that isn't the reason I don't have one.

We were having brunch the other day and this big, really pumped up older guy walked in in shorts and a wife beater. He was heavily tattooed, obviously many years earlier, and now they just looked dirty, faded and all run together.

Not a particularly good look.

When I lived in Texas I was called to the ED to draw blood on a bull rider who had been gored. He threw a real fit about having blood drawn.

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