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September 08, 2010


Nipple-Sucking Doctor To Face Court In Finland

(Thanks to Phil heh heh heh McCavity)


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Perhaps the good doctor momentarily confused his patient with his "Inflate-O-Girl?"

A truly professional doctor would have referred the patient to an appropriate specialist.

*Hangs fresh diploma on wall*

Well, now isn't that special. Nothing today ever amazes me.

He was hauled before a jury because of that ? That sucks, man !

Let's see, she agrees and then presses a case to the Supreme Court?

... something's not being said here ...

The guy is obviously a quack. How could he possibly make a determination without tasting both?

Sucks to be him.

Heidi Montag might benefit from this mid-wife technique.

He's teatering on udder failure. His attorney better nip this in the bud or he will be Finnished for heifer.


Take deep breaths, slowly repeat your mantra and throttle back on the caffeine.

Somebody better hope that Mrs. Meanie doesn't see that fresh diploma on his wall.

ew, ew, and ew!

"doctor, i have a mysterious discharge of unknown cause happening"

"here, let me taste it!"

ew, ew and ew!

"Somebody better hope that Mrs. Meanie doesn't see that fresh diploma on his wall."

OTOH she may wish to immediately confirm his credentials.

After obtaining her permission, he used his mouth to suck her nipple in order to taste the fluid, the doctor testified in court earlier.

What mud said. Ew and ick.

My head is still spinning what Annie said.

This will cure him . . .

Dr. Hooterlooter

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