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September 30, 2010


You need a skateboard tank.


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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This would be perfect for the streets of Miami!

"They say the Shredder can be equipped with machine-guns and other weapons"

Wimps. I want a laser cannon on mine.

I would still stay away from cliffs with it.

yeah, the guy who owns the segway company was killed the other day driving off a cliff - on his segway. oh the irony.

If the "final version" looks like the prototype in
the photo, aren't soldiers going to still be formidable (and largely unprotected) moving targets?

Unless they wear body armor of some type, the only advantage might be energy/speed to a weary soldier.

I am still waiting to see robot drones or soldiers similar to those in the movie Short Circuit which was ripped off by Disney for Wall-E.

They are coming!!!

Yes, but while it may have a low center of gravity, YOU don't. Arse over tip it'll be.

"You need a skateboard tank."

Yes. Yes I do.

*imagines grocery shopping would be SO much more fun*

By the time our military gets through with this, it will have 4x8 armoured sides, a bulletproof "Pope top" and be able to go down hill only getting -4 mpg.

Let's start the congressional hearings now.

If we give Chuck Norris one of these, we will win every war.

*wonders if this will ever replace the Pope Mobile*

I'd pay to see the Pope on one. And I'm not even Christian.

Somewhere, Chuck Jones is enjoying a hearty laugh.......

Please may I have one? It can be my Christmas and birthday present together. Please?

Hammie? No.

Also, I would love to see Dave on one of these. I would be standing by with the appropriate bandages, splints, pain pills, beer, and a tetanus shot. You wouldn't even feel it, Dave.

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