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September 25, 2010


LA HABRA, California -- "Octomom" Nadya Suleman's presumably well-broken-in nursing bra will be among the items up for bid at a planned auction-style rummage sale at her home.

(Thanks to catmanmax)


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I agree. Ew Ew


Is that like a car with "highway miles" as opposed to "city miles"?

Whoa..Jeff & Sharkie!! You two get a room!!! NTTAWWT!!


She had an incredible girth
Before the astonishing birth.
But her Bra for lact8ing?
Quite nauseating!
She's milked it for all that it's worth.

*wants to adopt siamese blog-twins, 'jeff & sharkie': what's 2 more?*

Ah hell, that's a call-back from yesterday. Damned CrapPad.

I thought Dr. Phil bought her that house. Maybe she could move in with the Duggars. They probably wouldn't even notice.

btw, how do you breast feed 8 babies? I'll bet her boobies smack against her knees when she walks.

Mebbe she got herself a cow, cindy. Hired help.

Maybe she got a little extra outside help, cindy.

Ew! She's not getting anywhere near my cow...!

*sigh*, the poor thing.... The hormones alone...

and *snork* at sandy.

*snork* at s&y

I'll see your "Ew" and raise you several "wwwwww"s.


I guess that's why they are called knockers, Cindy.


...and she's considering going on welfare?
Are we sure she's not some kind of illegal immigrant? Or could she at least relocate to Arizona?

Is this it?

The Cummins diesel heavy duty breast pump suitable for flood recovery was already sold to New Orleans.

The cure for "attention whorism" is total involuntary anonymity. Pay no attention to that circus, people.

Please, folks. Let's allow her her dignity and respect her privacy.

*Cue mass eyeroll*

Selling her (presumably well-used) nursing bra?

That just sucks.

Or not.

And what truck stop did she pick up her boyfriend "Tattoo" at?

I wonder if Tattoo is really really short?

Btw, it gets better. According to his website, "OctoMom Will Autograph Her Undies at Her Yard Sale Today."


I feel sorry for the kids. Several of them are special needs (maybe having kids like a litter isn't healthy for them, ya think?) and she kept having more even though she couldn't afford to take care of the ones she already had. What was her doctor thinking? (Have given up wondering what she was thinking.)

And can you imagine being raised by a mother whose attitude is like this?

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