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September 23, 2010


Wanna buy some sneakers?

(Thanks to John Rhoads)


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Jus *cough* do it!

Bet they were high-tops.

were the shoes high tops?

Jinx! You owe me some...uh... a coke

Texans think alike. No surprise there.

Sneakers are a gateway shoe to loafers.

What about the guy who thought he was scoring some smokin stuff and unwrapped it and there was nothing but shoelaces?????

James said her immediate reaction was, "What?!"

My guess is it was more likely "OMGWTFBBQ?!"

Finish Line could have at least sent a line...or two. Run farther, jump higher or just head to 7-11 for Cheetos.

new meaning to 'tripping on the laces'

Um, exactly why did Mrs. James call the police? I mean, they have better things to do and all...and if it were me, I would seriously consider enjoying disposing of the stuff.

On the other hand, you really don't know the provenance of said package insert.

dang....what'd i doo with my doober?

They're having an awful lot of trouble tying them.

She just got a blunt. Could have been a foot.

You start off with high top sneakers and before you know it you're (not your) doing Birkenstocks.

What a clever promotion! Buy some sneakers, get a free toke! I bet if more shoe retailers did this,
sales would be high higher. Resultant munchies
might stimulate the economy !

Maybe they could use these songs (modified) in their
advertsing for that promotion:

One Toke Over the Sneakers-Brewer % Shippley

You Light Up My Reefer--Debbi Boone

You Droped A Tokie on Me--Gap Band

I'd Like To Buy the World a Toke --Hillside Singers

Got to get You into my shoes--Beatles

Shoebox Delight-Starlight Vocal Band

Walk a Mile in my shoe buzz--Joe South

"Why are these police dogs following my every step!?"

Bad sneakers and a Piña Colada
My friend
Stompin' on the avenue
By Radio City with a
Transistor and a large
Sum of money to spend

- Steely Dan

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