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September 27, 2010


Cattaraugus County man accused of stealing 130 pumpkins

(Thanks to Patrick McNelis)


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100 pumpkins = misdemeanor.

130 pumpkins = criminal mischief

130 pumpkins plus evading arrest and harboring a big ol' pot plant = Aggravated Felonious Theft and Intent to Get Wasted

Halloween Jack-O-Bong.

The indictment reads "To Sam Beu re: gourd"

stoner jack-o-lantern

And another

His launcher needed ammo.


Trick or .... um, what?

Well, the Great Pumpkin's never visiting him.

"It's the Pot Bumpkin, Charlie Brown!"

It was his evil twin, Chuck D. Squash!

Musta had a bad case of the Munchies..

Pumpkins are a hot topic in current events right now. Just today on the news they announced that the pumpkin shortage is officially over. There has been looting, hording, and scalping going on. Cans of pumpkin were being sold for over $16.

there really is nothin else to do out there in the boonies of western ny. and he had to have somewhere to hide his stash.

Man loves him some pie.

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