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September 26, 2010


'I'm in the back of a trash truck that keeps compacting me!'

(Thanks to Loudmouth)


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That would be one way to get thinner

why didn't they just take him to the dump w/the rest of the trash?

Ten bucks says he'll try to sue either the trash company or Walmart.

Theresa, you beat me to it.

'I'm in the back of a trash truck that keeps compacting me!'

"Son, we call that 'poetic justice'."

Some days you're the truck, and some days you're the trash...

WalMart will be fined for not treating him as HazMat.

Darn. He was just that close to winning a Darwin Award, too...


He stole 10,000 worth of merchandise? At Wal-Mart? How'd he carry that much stuff!

Just kidding. I like Wal-Mart, and they do have some stuff that's pricey.

Does seem quite Darwinian.

Where are the droids when you need them?

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