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September 24, 2010


Nudists vs. Swingers

(Thanks to Siouxie and bonmot)

ADVISORY: Stark naked buttocks.


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ADDITIONAL ADVISORY: UGLY stark naked buttocksess.

Give me libertines, or give me death!

Well Dave finally showed some naked male buttocks. Unfortunately I now need some eye bleach.

Any word on the French army??

^5 bon

Stark Naked Buttocks - GNFARB?

The sidebar picture "World Judo Championship" looks like it should be captioned "Cr@p! That HURT!!"

She called on the mayor to intervene before there was an "explosion of libertine behaviour in non-nudist areas" of the town.

No, we do NOT want any "explosions" from that crew, IYKWIM (AIKTYD).

What happened to my other post?


Gotta agree with Nurse Cindy and Siouxie re ugly and need eye bleach. yuck. Bad as hot tub night here at the rest home.

Speaking of rest homes, Earl would spend an hour each evening with Mabel, watching "Murder, She Wrote", while she held his penis.

One day, the visits stopped. Mabel next spotted Earl coming out of Velma's room, right after "Murder, She Wrote" ended.

Mabel confronted Earl: "What's Velma got that I don't have?"


Just get a long what?

Excessive nudity and sex is a controversial issue in France? FRANCE France?


dave must've been distracted by the picture... or maybe he forgot his punctuation:
'Can't We Call? Just Get A Long _' - what meanie said...

When they come up with a winner I want to see them hang the medals.

Sharkie - Just give the men a couple of viagras and viola!!

For the women...not so much.

Siouxie--just WHAT do you want me to do with a viola again?...

Siouxie meant to say:

'Just give the men a couple of viagras, and 'Viola' for the women...!'

I want to hear more about Siouxie's viola.

...they had moved to the area because they wanted "a natural life" but that they had ended up living "surrounded by wild animals".

How very unnatural. Not.

And yes, I, also, wanna hear more about Siouxie's viola.

I keep my viola next to my vuvuzela.

I'm sure they make beautiful music together.

I actually had a blog guy, that will remain nameless, email and ask me about Siouxie's viola. I told him I had no idea what he was talking about.

It's more like a buzzing sound, bon..but yeah.

major *snork*!

Viola info, according to the Blog.

To make matters worse, the group has been accused of walking about in their clothes and mocking the "real" nudists

I'm pretty sure this would qualify as a hate crime in the U.S.

Well, viola makes her spread her legs. Oh, I was thinking of a cello.

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