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September 13, 2010


Tree heads and pine-cone heads give peace a chance.


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(picking pine tar out of hair) good point.

A good message to remember on 9/11 as we shout at one another. I have to be sure to call someone a pine cone head today.

mrs p's family does a big Passover dinner and the kids put on the Passover play. The highlight is usually when the kids re-enact the twelve plagues. One year the youngest boy was assigned to the plague of boils, which he portrayed by plunging to the floor and writhing around. One of the dads turned to the actor's father and said, "Your son makes a fine boil."

Thus a new tradition was born...

What's my point? Just this: If people of all different faiths - Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Yankee fans - spent some time together, talking AND listening to each other, maybe - just maybe - we'd all begin to see that, despite our differences, deep down inside, all of us, except for some of the Yankee fans, are human beings, riding together in the buggy of life. Is that being too naive?

Spoken like a true Jokeatarian. This column makes a strong case for not maturing until you're dead.

Shanah Tovah y'all.

I have little nephews so I speak with authority when I say that conversation would have gone differently with little boys:

"What is Jewish?"
"It's people from Miami."
"Miami your butt!"
"No, Miami YOUR butt."
"I said, 'Miami your butt' first!"
"I can say 'Miami your butt' too if I want to!"
"No you can't!"
"Yes I can!"
*the clubbing and crying begins*

Dear Dave, Nice thoughts, but as a Bostonian, I can tell you that Yankees fans will NEVER offer us an olive branch. And if they did, we would beat them about their pine-cone heads.

Although I do believe some Spankee fans are peaceful, they are the already dead ones.

Israel has a better chance of opening a Honey of a Ham store on the Dome of the Rock.

When I was a kid I wanted to be Jewish because I had just seen the movie, "Fiddler On The Roof". Also my best friend's father was a Rabbi. Then I saw "The Sound Of Music" and wanted to be a nun. I nixed being Jewish when the good Rabbi told me they didn't eat cheesburgers, and I nixed the nun idea when I found out you couldn't have a boyfriend. Both of those were my top priorites as a pre-teen. Cheesburgers and boys. I love this article and wish people would look at how small children settle their differences and take a cue from them. Yesterday the nine year old wanted to hug her twelve year old brother who didn't want to be hugged. When he asked her why she simply said, "Because I think you need a hug and I have a hug to give away." She hugged him and went on her way.

Punkin, sweetie, as a devout Yankee fan, I tried to offer you an olive branch, but your team is so far down in the standings I couldn't quite reach you. Smooch!

*tosses glazed Israeli ham at Annies' pine cone head*

*with love*

Punkin - that was low and sticky. Just like your pitchers. ;p

Annie? Who are these 'Yankees' that you're talking about? I'm a Cubs and Braves fan. Next year the Cubs will win the world series. I have a good feeling about it.

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