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September 29, 2010


Man who fell into manure pit upgraded to good condition

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)



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Was the man upgraded or the manure pit upgraded?

I am concerned about the condition of the loader? did they just leave it there to soak?

Brings new meaning to the phrase: Up sh*t pond without a canoe.

Ah, visit the country. Enjoy the dairy air.

Depending on the man I could see an upgrade of the pit after taking him out.

... maybe snookie could write a novel about that!

IV Old Spice. STAT!

Hey, nc. Did you ever hear anybody in a hospital say Stat!? When I worked in one it was not part of the vocabulary. I think it's more of a TV expression.

I hate manure!

She was only the farmer's daughter, but all the horse manure?

What does 'upgraded to good condition' mean in this case ? Did they hose him ?

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