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September 30, 2010


Domino's Unveils Breakfast Pizza

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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And in other pig news, there is this.

Well, with a pig that special, Jeff, you don't want to eat it all at once . . .

Add a Double Down for lunch, and, ummm. something even worse for dinner, and you'll end up looking like Shamu.

yummmm, I may have to change my name to oldreallyfatguy.

"the result is a hardy, carb-loaded breakfast fit for a king." "hardy"??...

Eating this would void my warranty.

That looks REALLY good. And no, I will never eat one from Domino's. But I might make a homemade version.

K'mart years ago use to have a breakfast pizza that was yummy with sausage and scrambled eggs and cheese.

Yum! Those eggs don't look done to me, though.

Thanks for the link, Dave! I'm a big fan of The Blog, and if your work in general. Cheers!

We'll take a large Hobo and a pitcher of coffee.

Can I have mine scrambled? Extra bacon, plez.

Their first crack at a breakfast pizza, the one with the oatmeal, didn't work out too well.

"Zhu Jianqiang (strong-willed pig)"

How many of these have you known....

She says, "I'm the only one inverting this rectum!"

"She" as in the two legged pig...

If you ate this every morning for breakfast, one of the KFC double down sandwiches for lunch and then swing by Hardees and eat Texas Toast Bacon cheeseburgers for supper, followed by a cigarette after each meal, you'd be dead within a week. Of course it would have been a great week! Also don't forget to throw in some chocolate for dessert.

Add some bulk to your thigh
Eat your eggs with a pie
Have some more, eh?

" ... first ... " ?

" ... franchise ... " ?

Heck, I've had "breakfast pizza" @ more than one "not a franchise" pizza restaurants ... been enjoyin' 'em since ... um ... a LONG time ago ... also other "franchise" places ...

Welcome to the 21st Century, Domino's ...

1) Shoppers Food Warehouse hot food bar has breakfast pizza.
2)Not with those eggs staring up in the morning. I make them over easy so they don't stare at me.
3) That ain't no pizza. It's sacrilege ever so much as is Hawaiian pizza.

Besides, breakfast pizza is whatever is in the box in the corner in the morning. Cold, no prep, no calls.

I've also made these for years, especially when we have house guests. I just make a big cheese and veggie omelet and spread it on the crust, leaving a 2 inch circle in the middle, into which I crack an egg. It's no less healthful than an omelet and toast.

It was too much for my late, very traditional German-American father to wrap his brain around one Sunday morning 25 years ago. After poking at his piece for a minute or two, he apologized and excused himself, and went down to the local diner. I'll bet he had eggs and toast.

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